Thursday, April 23, 2015

Heart Sisters~Book Review

I can't tell you how excited I am about this book!!! I have been reading Natalie's blog for a few years and it always speaks to me. I love her realness and we have similar backgrounds.
When I saw she was looking for some gals to help her in the launch, I applied right away. It has been a blessing to be a part of this launch and group of girls that are on this journey of being Heart Sisters. I seriously can't thank Natalie enough for being obedient to the Lord's calling to write this book. It will be a blessing to so many!! 

I could write pages on what I liked about this book and why you will want to read it too! Here is a little, as I don't want to spoil too much of it. I love this quote "Hearts Sisters are essential to our mental, physical, and spiritual growth." I just need to take to time to find and grow these! Love this.. "Never underestimate the power of encouragement, Heart Sisters encourage, not discourage." I tend to relate and want to be around older woman, I love their wisdom and I also consider them safe peeps, so needed! I have lots of Naomi peeps, and I do have a Rahab she is my mentor, love love her. I tend to see myself as Bathsheba or Elizabeth. So you will have to read the book to find out what type of friends you have and need and what type of friend you are.

Love these too..."Narrow Path" friends help us stay on the path that leads to God and encourage us to stay obedient to HIM in our everyday lives" We all need a narrow path friend! 
"We don't ever grow if we stay where it's easy and comfortable, do we?" I like comfortable, but I know in order to grow in faith and on this journey I need to challenge myself and have no fear. 
"God's truth changes our diagnosis. We are flesh-disabled, but Jesus-enabled." "Choosing relationships over being right allows us to win the battle and the war." "Heart Sisters turn on the lights and stab you in the front so the darkness is defeated." Yes, I am so thankful for those sisters that will tell me the truth to my face even if it hurts, because it is needed. 

How do you get this book, well go check out Natalie's blog here... 
There are some freebies right now if you order a book

So if you are a gal who has ever been hurt by a friend, struggled with connecting with gals, had issues in working along other women either in job or ministry (yes it happens, we are imperfect people), or just want to deepen those friendships you have, this is a book you need! Thank you Natalie for sharing your struggles, for being obedient to your calling, and being an encouragement to all!! This heart sister loves you!!

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