Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Break Week!

This week was spring break at our house, whoohoo!! So instead of school we enjoyed some time with friends and I got a lot done in the house. Cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of stuff, oh so freeing!! The hubs ended up not working too much this week, little slow on the railroad, so we got in lots of family time too, good thing we all like each other, ha!!That doesn't happen much, so definitely enjoyed it, almost like having him home on vacation! I may have enjoyed this week a little too much. I forgot what is not to have the responsibility of schooling my children, but even though it was fun, I wouldn't change a thing. We do also love homeschooling! Though don't get me wrong, not everyday is rainbows and chocolates, but for us it is worth it! Experiencing learning together, playing together, and more family time!

Next week we start back to school, with only five weeks left. Then we will take a short break, do some summer activities, and I will box up this years completed school work and curriculum, and plan our next year's.

Here are snapshots of our week:
My babies are ready to go leave the comforts of my home and go to their coop!

This cutie!!

Abigail got her own horse!!

Encouraging reads:
This article was wrote just for me, well not personally, but so relatable

I need to find balance and to remember that it’s often easy to let the good become the enemy of the excellent, and it’s the excellent that God desires.
The scenery may never change, but we’re changing.

Sometimes, I just think too small.

This is my thinking most the time…Perfectionism and decision-making don’t go well together.

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