Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekend Wonder!

Our weekend has been full of so many blessings!! I can not help but to count our many blessings!! None of it would be possible without our God. I am so thankful for the grace and love He gives us, and the sacrifice He made through Jesus Christ on the Cross! It gives us so much hope, and reminds me of the hope and faith that I need daily, even when I am going through a time of waiting or struggle. I have been in a waiting period for the last couple months. Through the waiting I have learned a lot! God is always there, and will answer prayers, sometimes we just have to patient. Sometimes He says no and we may not understand, but we are to trust! However, sometimes He totally surprises us! 

What a difference a day makes!  What a difference a year makes!!  Actually, what makes the difference isn’t the time span; rather it’s finally following the direction of God and doing what He tells us to do.

I learned over the weekend that I will be a part of another awesome book launch. This book will release later this month! So you won't have to wait as long. This book, is wow!! I have so much hi-lighted, hard to put down, it spoke right to my heart. God has a way to use people and books to do that. I related to the author and what she has gone through. Friendships have been hard and have changed a lot over the years, because of the many moves we have made and changes in our lifestyle. I honestly don't trust a lot of people, something that God has been working on me with though. Good to know I am not the only one out there! I feel this is a book for every woman out there.  #‎HeartSistersBook‬, available April 21st!

Few snapshots of the blessings we had over the weekend and some inspiring quotes!

Made some Easter cupcakes for the birthday boy! 

Easter Egg Decorating!

After egg decorating on Saturday, the UPS man arrived!! Our homeschool curriculum for 2015-2016 school year arrived!! Abigail was super excited to see all the books, as was I. Might have a love of books like her mama!? I went through it, but have yet to organize it all. This week since we are on spring break, may take a little time to do that. However we still have five weeks left of this year. I finished ordering the last couple items, so it does feel good to have that part done! Yes we love homeschooling, can you tell!? 

Happy Easter! He is risen!


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