Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy May Day!!!

Growing up, I remember at my grandma's one year my cousins and I put together little May Day baskets using dixie cups, pipe cleaners and candy and we would distribute them on doorsteps, ring door bells and run! Well the kids and I started that tradition last year, except, we don't ring doorbells and run, we wait till we notice no one is home, so much easier to not get caught! So this year we will once again hit up a couple of our neighbor's!

This week we finished week 34 and started week 35 of school! My plan is to finish up school over the next two weeks, we here are ready for a break. Weather is just to nice to be doing book work, rather be outside exploring! There is lot to be learned in outside adventures! We have been learning all about our galaxy and each planet in ours. We finished up reading Dolphin Treasure, what a great story. We also ended our month of Bible study about faith and memorizing Hebrews 11:1. This month (still hard to believe it is May) our focus will be patience, one of the fruits of the spirit! I feel over the last couple years I have grown in patience, but there are times I still struggle with waiting! Sometimes it seems this school is more for me than my children!

Over the next couple months will be full of visitors at our house, my sweet in laws are coming, one of Ryan's good friends and his son are coming for a couple days, and my bestie from Texas and her daughter (her hubs is also a railroader and they are from Mississippi). Been too long since we seen them, but we keep in contact through mail, emails and Facebook! Thankful for modern technology though some days it makes my eyes roll!

I have finished up reading some great books, Heart Sisters by Natalie Snapp and Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson, great reads for this gals heart!! When I have time I love to share more. Also finished up Unshockable Love as part of the Sunday night class I am a part of, I recommend it to all my friends. It is about how Jesus changes the world through imperfect people, reaching those you think may be unreachable and redemption! It is true Jesus came to save sinners, sick, and broken. I don't know about you but I am imperfect and that is OK. Now to determine what is up next on my list to read, so many good books, so little time!

How was your week? Some days can be a struggle, this I know, but I try to keep my focus on the blessings all around us and always look up to the heavens, God knows, why He sent His Son for us. What are some favorite books you are reading right now? I am a book nerd, so always looking to add to my list! Happy May Day family and friends!!

Weekly snapshots:
Boating fun!
Boating fun!

Character day~Old Macdonald
Abigail working hard in school!

May focus~Patience~Romans 8:25

Weekly encouragement:

"Do you want to be holy? Then you must begin, continue, and end with Christ. He is the one who gives us strength, he is our example, our advocate, our physician and our perfecter of all that we do."

"And I’m reminded again it is His presence and His people who most powerfully renew my spirit when I am struggling with sluggishness again. It is not a new something that I need. It is the old–the old truths and the old friends who come along and point me to the promise and say: “Remember? That’s where we’re going. Keep at it. We’ll reap a harvest if we don’t lose heart.”

"The art of waiting – not moving and striving and proving – and being patient on God, knowing He is already going before me and making a way."

"But those who surrender control, who unclench their jaw, let their shoulders fall, and open their palms to Jesus gain peace and courage."

I started reading this because I saw the words chicken poop, which reminds me I need to clean our coop, fun times, but then this lesson…."Obedience unleashes His energy in us, the energy we so desperately need today."

"Inviting God to interrupt our school day is like posting a “Please do disturb us” sign. It humbles me and makes me vulnerable. It requires me to ask for wisdom and discernment when the cell phone buzzes or the doorbell rings unexpectedly. It requires me to have an unpretentious view of the plans I make and be willing to change them to align with His will – even if those changes are inconvenient or uncomfortable or costly. It requires me to trust that God is infinitely wiser and more knowledgeable than I am and His ways are higher than mine."

"I was called by God to homeschool my children. That doesn't mean that homeschooling is always easy."

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