Friday, May 15, 2015

Last week of school for the year and encouragement!

It was our last day of the homeschool for the school year and Aidan's last day of preschool for the school year this week. Next year will be his last, yikes! Where has the time gone!

With school being officially done, I have enjoyed a little more time to myself and reflecting on our school year. It has been a blessing to homeschool and there were moments when I questioned this journey. However, I have seen the progress! What I love about homeschooling, is the time I get to spend with my children, we choose what our children are learning, flexibility, the books we read (You knew I say that, right!), encouraging areas they are gifted in, and joy of learning! Now of course there are times when I struggle with the time and patience it can take, but I wouldn't change it! Only about 14 more years to go! May have said that with a bit of sarcasm, but in all seriousness, it is what is right for our family! With God's leading, it will be a wonderful journey!

Snapshots of our week: 
Last day of homeschool for 2014-2015 school year!!

Last day of preschool in the three year old class!
Tball time!

My precious mommy day gifts, truly blessed and much to be thankful for!
Visitor this week, snapping turtle! We took him back to the creek.

Encouraging reads:

This faith of ours, it isn’t going anywhere.  The church is God’s plan.  It doesn’t fail.  It doesn’t disappear. But, in this country, in this time, it is going to look awfully strange.  It is going to seem out of place.  The church will stand.  The question is, are we going to take what the world is offering us and run away to the safety of some man-made idea of how people should live?  Or are we going to stand our ground?  Are we going to remember the worth in what we have?  Are we willing to be set apart, like a two story clap-board cottage in the middle of a shopping mall?

Oh how relatable…” My problem is not “busyness.” It is my nature as a “planner” and a “fixer” that makes stillness so uncomfortable.”

Now that the early years of motherhood are behind me, I have come up for air and can see the terrain around me. I can see that while one season has ended, there are more to come. And what I seek now is not the help and support of other women in the same season as me, but that of women who have gone before me.

This blog post resonated with me so deeply and yet I am also learning on this journey we need each other. Time to break down those walls and build community... “Women need other women. We crave a sense of camaraderie, of truly belonging. As Mother Teresa so eloquently revealed: “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”

Transformation is greater than information.
Time is fleeting, moms. If God is calling you to homeschool, know that He is wanting to pour out more blessings on you than you can imagine. Ignore what the critics are saying. Open your hands and your heart and embrace the gifts God is giving you.

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