Thursday, May 14, 2015

Truth, you are fearfully & wonderfully made!

HE see’s you as fearfully and wonderfully made!~Psalm 139:14 So thankful for this is truth in the Bible, it is one of many!

It has only taken me pretty much most of my lifetime so far to understand that! I am thankful I came across this truth a few years ago (and FYI I am 41, yikes), though don’t get me wrong there are times I lose sight of that truth, but when I go back to the promise's of God, HIS Word, I remember it doesn’t matter how others see me, if I measure up to to so and so’s standard (God already says you are enough, because we have HIM), if they like me or not, what a person thinks or says about me. 

My identity doesn't come from others! Oh that is so freeing, when you realize that! Know who you are and whose you are! Do you know what happens when you know this truth and believe it? You are free, you are enough, you have all you need when you are walking with the Lord! Oh how freeing!!!! Jesus set us free, when He died upon that cross in Calvary! 

Prayer…Lord I want to see you today as you see me and Lord I want to see others the way you see them. Oh what a difference that simple little prayer will make in your life. When you forget it, there is grace, a savior who loves me, for me! 

So repeat after me, with your name in place of mine….Jennie is fearfully and wonderfully made!! 

HE see’s you as fearfully and wonderfully made!~Psalm 139:14 This is just one of the truths in the Bible, there are so many more, spending time in the Word is life changing, devote some time today to seek HIM out!

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