Friday, May 22, 2015

Weekly rewind & encouragement! ~ Adventures, packing, and butterflies!

After looking at our homeschool room for close to two weeks, I decided to start putting away our curriculum we finished this year and organize it for little man to use in two years. It is work doing that, cleaning up, filing school work and projects completed, and packing up. When I get that completed, and it will take me a while, as I am just doing a little here and there, I then need to organize and plan our curriculum for the upcoming school year. The plan is to start August 3.

The first half of the week we had Ryan's mom and step dad staying with us. We enjoyed some family time. The kids love it when they can spend time with their grandparents, as they don't get to see them much. We are always sad to see them leave. We ventured to Discovery Park and had some fun exploring and learning! Aidan had two tball games this week. A couple friends and I attended the WOW (Women of Worth) event this week. It was a lovely time hanging out with peeps, heard some great testimonies and fun entertainment.

The message I took away from the women's night, was that our best days are ahead of us! Oh how true that is, we need to live like that and believe it!

Another thing she spoke on and suggested we make is a butterfly list, not a bucket list! A butterfly list is those things that bring you joy/butterflies to your stomach! So I have done much pondering on that this week and some of those would be: explore more and try new things (so I will pray for courage to do those), take time to enjoy crafting even though I am not good at it (so I will pray for childlike heart), to love more and not hold back (pray for peace and understanding). All those things give me butterflies, new things, an accomplished fun project, love like no tomorrow! It will take work to do some of these things, but I know that God wants us living in complete joy, to enjoy the life He has blessed us with. So what are some things that you would put on your butterfly list? I need to sit down and make mine a little more detailed, but it is a start!

Pics of the week:

Encouraging Reads:

The things that help us feel safe are the same things that can put us at greatest risk. You are braver, stronger, more capable than you know.

Like this girl lives inside my head! Such a simple message, but deep! "Maybe today, instead of another mental checklist of all the ways you’ll better yourself, of all the ways you’ll “do better” this week, maybe just meditate on the life-transforming love of God, as revealed to us in His Word."

Because God forbid, you don’t get a roof over your head, food on your table and the safety of no bullets shattering your windows because you deserve more — you only get all that so that you get to serve more. God forbid, you don’t get to live a comfortable life because you’re better — you only get your life so you get to make someone else’s life better with a bit of comfort. God forbidyou don’t want to climb a ladder up to the American dream, when you could throw a lifeline down to people living your worst nightmare. This is your possible choice.

"I wonder what people would think if they really knew what we believed and how we lived, that we are pretty out of the box and free to enjoy life." So, how about you? In the box or out?

Yes I agree….” Isn’t funny that I thought when we started homeschooling, I was prepared for my children to learn, yet I never expected to be the student many days.”

Though it’s not all rainbows, I wouldn’t change this for the world.  Despite any challenges or insecurities, the joy we experience and the benefits to our lifestyle far outweigh any other decision we would possibly make.

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