Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday-weekly rewind and Happy Father's Day!

This week we had one of my husband's friend come stay with us for a night. We are blessed by an extra bedroom in our house so that we can enjoy having friends and family come stay with us. It has been great for both of us to get to spend time with friends over the last couple weeks. Friendship is so important! Sometimes I don't always put much importance on it and I need to! Life gets busy, my kids rule my schedule many days, but we still need those heart sisters in our life! Reason why I read Heart Sisters. Currently, rereading this book with an online group, and I shared as a review previously.

I like book studies with a group, opportunity to share with others, what we are getting out of it and encouraging one another. Many times I get more out of it when discussing a book with others, as they share there perspective. I have discovered something, before we can be a good friend we also need to take care of ourselves. This is what spoke to me this week from Natalie Chambers Snapp's book that I thought I share here: BUSY=Being Under Satan's Yoke;   Self-care is critical if we are going to do anything God has called us to do. Boundaries are not only healthy, they're holy! So, are there any areas of your life that need boundaries? How can you establish them?
I sometimes struggle with boundaries, because I want to be all things to those around me, but that is not going to serve anyone if I am feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Also keeps me from deep friendships. So last week and this week while we had company instead of planning out what we would be doing and making some big meal, I just got frozen pizza and we just hung out, and it was nice and relaxing!

This week it has been hot here, pool worthy hot! I am not much of a sun or pool person, but daddy and the kiddos played in the pool while I read a book, it was nice, we all had a good time. I took the kids to the Animal Tales show at our library, the kids loved seeing different kinds of reptiles, me not so much, but it was nice to be out of the heat. We enjoyed a family mini golf outing! Abigail had golf class again on Sunday night and she hit one of the best hits, so proud of her. I only wish I could play golf like her, but my patience with golf works against me. I enjoy watching her and you know that is what kids want from us sometimes, to just watch them and be there. I often hear, mommy did you see that, mommy watch me... Love seeing the excitement on their faces!! My kids bring me much joy and I am thankful for God making me a mommy two my precious children. Though they sometimes drive me crazy and days can be long, I love being a mommy! It is a great calling!!

This weekend is Father's Day, and how blessed I am and also proud to be a wife to a hard working hunk of a man! Oh how I love him so and he truly is an awesome father to our kids!!! My daddy is also a very special man in my life, best daddy in the world to me and will always be!! I just wish we didn't live miles and miles away, so that we could all celebrate the special day together. So if your dad is near, be sure to hug him and tell him how thankful you are to have him.

Pics of the week:
Huge snake, eek!

Stinky Turtle!
Snake the kids touched, eww!

This is where she made one awesome shot, best one of the night!

Aidan even got some pointers, a lot!

Caught him looking at books! Zeke napping!

Practicing piano lesson on keyboard!

Love this pic my friend Jennifer took of our kiddos!

Ready for church with my two littles!

Encouraging reads:

Wow, this author sounds a lot like me when I found out we we were moving to Kentucky! “Peace and contentment come when we say yes to now and no to fretting about the future; when we seek His light, right where we are, and gladly point others in His direction.”

We all have hard days. Challenging days. Days that stretch us, sometimes beyond what we can bear. Sometimes these days appear as a series of little irritating events that build up to one terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Other days we wake up to find one huge unexpected event that lands like a bomb in our life.

“It’s Me, and it’s you.” It’s His work, and mine.

Somehow in this mixed up media world of things to do and places to go and dreams to follow the beauty of simply being a mother is completely lost. Being a mom is enough.

We all carry extra baggage with us don’t we?  There are certain journeys that would become disastrous if we carried all of it. Our day-to-day journeys would become much easier, much more like the life God intends for us if we pared down to our most unencumbered selves.

And we, together, are just walking this life out together, imperfectly, humanly, as we lean into faith.

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