Saturday, June 20, 2015

Journey in sharing~what a beautiful mess!

This journey in writing has been good for me, chance to share what is on my heart, and I don't share everything, there is just too much that I ponder on and don't know yet how to get out in words on paper/type. I do have a personal journey for where that stuff happens, most that stuff would probably bore you anyhow! It also allows me to document our journey through everyday living and what we are doing, schooling, playtime, learning, growing in faith, and share pictures to my family and friends that are not close. I hope someday maybe the children will enjoy it too. I hope it comes across as encouragement, and not something that makes you feel any less, because you are enough, I am enough!

I realize I make mistakes, I am not perfect, many times I write quickly in between sips of coffee and being a mom. I do love when people comment and share in encouragement or lovely correct. Sometimes I will write something and then later, maybe years see it differently, because I reserve the right to be wrong! But what I do know for sure, I am first and foremost a princess of the King, a Jesus girl, who desires nothing but all I know to know this truth for themselves! I am a wife, mom and homeschool one at that, so priorities need to be made and my blog is not my first priority. My faith comes first and through that, I live! I live for truth, Biblical truth, for love and grace, and for freedom, all which comes from being obedient to God. His Word, it tells a story, a beautiful one at that and the best one, it is life saving! When you know this truth, it will set you free to live, and God will change you to be who He made you to be, wonderful, beautiful and glorious. You don't need to be a rocket scientist or have the best clothes, a lot of money, or tons of things to be loved, you just need to know His love, it comes from a pure heart, a heart full of goodness, nothing evil, nothing malicious or prideful. When you have God's love and understand it will flow out from you to others. His blessings are all around us, so look for them and speak to Him, be thankful!

Now that I have said that, I don't always get it right and I am still on the journey of learning, I still mess up and when I do beauty will arise from that, it might be painful at first, but God has overcome, all thanks to the blood of Jesus, a true example of love, grace, and obedience!

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