Monday, June 15, 2015

Longing For Paris: One Woman's Search for Joy, Beauty, and Adventure Right Where She Is

Who doesn't long for a trip to Paris, or for this mama, just a vacation to get away! Or how about dreams? Oh my what are those? “The grace of release is being able to give our dreams back to God and trust HIM with them. Because remember, He cares about us and He cares about our dreams. It doesn’t mean all of our dreams will bloom the way we want them to, but it does mean He will make His love evident to us through them all.” “We need a dream to make a plan to go forward. But here’s the wild part: we need to release the plan to God and go forward in faith. Because the reality is, God might change he plan, divert the path, or take us a whole new way. Releasing our plans to HIM is the definition of faith.”
Well this mama doesn't dream much, I tend to be too much of a realist and some days just getting through the day is an accomplish, I know my mama friends can relate! Though I use to have dreams, big dreams in fact, that was until I became a mama and a homeschooling stay at home one at that! Wow big change, but I wouldn't change a thing about it, some days they are long, but every moment I pour into my children is worth it! However, after reading Sarah Mae's new book Longing For Paris, it got me thinking and dreaming again and realizing, God is bigger then my dreams and those dreams are many times what are good for this mama's heart and God does care and He gives me dreams and gifts. God gives us everyday moments of beauty all around us, we just need to be open to seeing them, and that is exactly what I have been doing the last couple weeks! Plus making goals, whoa! There is so much good advice and relatable information in her new book, I can not recommend it enough to my sweet friends, especially those that are just wanting to feel inspired and have a fire lit to dream again!

Here are some quotes from the book that spoke to this mama's heart:

"When we delight in the beauty He made, He is glorified; all glory to the Maker of all the wonder! His creation is a gift to us, and as I acknowledge that and thank HIM for it, I unwrap more and more of HIS goodness and kindness."~Do this daily!

 "Thank goodness, there is no one-size-fits-all definition for adventure. My eyes are being opened to simple, ordinary adventures all around me. I'm up for doing things out of the ordinary, but I believe they should be things that matter to my family." 
"Distractions must be conquered or they will conquer us."~Something I battle with! 

"Anything that keeps me from knowing God is my enemy, and any gift that comes between HIM and me is my enemy."~What are some of those things/gifts that keep you from knowing God? Yikes!

Love this~ ROMANCE definition: “He has loved us to the point of HIS death. In my own life, I didn’t go after God. He wooed me, vigilantly pursuing me over several years, without letting up.” “It’s what God continues to do with the church-you and me as believers-His bride. He rescues us. He protects us. He loves us. And one day after the final battle (and, yes, there’s a dragon involved), He’s going to bring us home. You and I are at the center of this epic romance story, being pursued and protected and longed for, and one day we’re going to be taken home to our hero, Jesus. Real romance is laying your life down for someone, protecting them, and putting them before yourself.”

“Romance is a beautiful thing when we remember what is really is about: sacrifice.” 

“May they not grow up to imitate addiction to the computer. May they not learn and display passivity from adults ignoring their needs while paying too much attention to Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and cell phones. May they not copy the habit of observing parents dwelling hour after hour in front of impersonal machines, while neglecting to honor and invest in real-time relationships.”~What I want for my children!

 “That is why it is so important to accept who you are, to push out voices of opposition, and to walk free and confidently in God. We do not love ourselves as much as we love how God lovingly, personally, created us.” “You are either HIS child, and therefore bear HIS righteous DNA through Christ, or you are not. If you are HIS, oh friend, know this and take it in deep: You are perfect right now according to heaven. You are complete because of Christ.”~How to live as believers, oh so true. I pray for all to know this! Some days I just need this reminder for myself! 

She sums up my heart right here~ “The fact is, my children-those beautiful eternal souls in my care-are my first priority; they are my people. They are the ones God gave me to disciple first and foremost. If I neglect them in order to minister to many, I have lost my integrity. I must first minister to them, raising them in the fear of the Lord with love and grace and time and intention.” 

“There is no formula; it is all by faith. I am fully aware that there are consequences to my choices, and so I am daily thinking through what is good and healthy and wise and what would be foolish or neglectful. I want to live by faith in the power of the Holy Spirit, following, obeying, and trusting God each day for the portion my family needs.” ~Being wise in the Lord, oh may I do this! 

“I can choose to find the beauty and the joy and the adventure right where I am.” “The question is, are we open and willing? The only thing we’re not allowed to do is nothing. God commands us to love and serve and do something. That “something” looks different for everyone, but Jesus is clear: Go.” ~What is your something?

At the end of each chapter this is a section called Unearthing Your Longings, this will provide you with thought provoking questions and scripture to meditate on. Also if your interested in doing this as a future book study let me know!

I loved this book and if I could, I would actually buy all my close friends a copy of it! To find out more about Sarah this book and her other great books go check out her blog at   and also go to Amazon or your local book store and request yourself your own book, book releases August 4th!!! 

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