Friday, June 12, 2015

Weekly Rewind & Holiness

This week we had many great adventures and all locally! We took a walk out at the dam and enjoyed the beauty of LBL. Abigail had her first golf lesson as a part of class with others her age, that was lots of fun, even for me who isn't so big into golf like the rest of my family! The trainer even let Aidan give it a try! We played in the rain,when it ruined our plans to go to the pool. Kids love feeding the chickens weeds and cicadas. A friend started a fun adventure, crochet and play-date. I am hoping to learn how to crochet while the kids have fun! One of my besties from Texas came for a visit, us girls had some great fun catching up! It was a time of railroad wives unite!!

Parenting is one way God has really helped shaped me. It is sometimes during those lessons I am teaching my children I learn the most. This week, one of my little's was having difficultly with a something they were doing and we talked about perseverance, since that is our focus this month. Then I thought about Jesus on the cross for some reason and came to realize that  nothing in this life has ever become beautiful or wonderfully amazing without it being hard or painful at first. Think of Jesus and what He did on Calvary! Wow, that one gave me goosebumps! 

Lately I have been thinking about what holiness and sacredness really mean to me, because I feel it seems somewhat lost in this culture. You know God knows the pondering going on in my head and I have been praying for clear clarification on this. This week, I came across some great written articles that I will share below for you. I am a person that loves tradition and history, so many times that also causes me conflict, but I also think it is so important to know our history and the traditions. I grew up being exposed and experienced the sacraments, and you know a big part of me misses that experience sometimes. Something about the way it makes me feel connected to God, feeling HIS holiness becomes real tangible for me. Having a mix mosh background in different denominations confuses me sometimes, but I know God is not about confusion, some of the things done in the different denominations came from man for whatever reason they decided it was needed. I do believe it is all done in good faith and that not one denomination is better than the other, as long as the truth of God is taught from HIS Word! So when in doubt, pray and go to HIS Word! And yes I am still pondering on it all and that is OK! I know whose I am!

This week I took time to look for beauty in my own yard, so captured some of those and here are more pics of our week! 

Articles worth sharing:

Oh yes this is, I couldn’t agree more! “The first “way” is about learning to see the sacred, learning to honor things that are holy.”

This is a good article discussing one of the sacraments and describing what a sacrament is.

Justice is part of the full scope of the gospel— it’s part of who Jesus is.” “Just like we shouldn’t extract the character of “love” or “grace” or “holiness” from God’s character, such must be the case with justice. We must not just seek justice but live justly. Justice work and just living are part of our discipleship.” Justice is not a fad and it is not a trend. Justice must be a part of our worship of God. Justice is worship.”

Whatever happened to sin?

Please: Do not let your love grow cold. He waits for you. Just show up. (Chronic fear of commitment, maybe? Or just no idea how amazing it is when you really realize that you are serving in the very Presence of God!)

That is all. I love you. Now go forth and be a little jacked up. IT HEALS. - See more at:

That is all. I love you. Now go forth and be a little jacked up. IT HEALS.

That is all. I love you. Now go forth and be a little jacked up. IT HEALS. - See more at:

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