Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday rewind~We are ready!!!

We are homeschool ready that is, for our second year!! I have our yearly overview done, plugged in important dates such as; coop days, extracurricular/field trips, holidays, husbands vacation days, and Aidan's days off from preschool (he has one year left), I have our entire first quarter laid out. I like to do a quarter at a time, in case we need to make some adjustments or something comes up that interrupts our schedule (one benefit of homeschooling). This year we are continuing with Sonlight as our main curriculum for language arts, history/geology, and science. This year we switched handwriting, so will be using A Reason For Handwriting. For math we like Horizon, art we used Artistic Pursuits and will continue to use this year. Abigail will continue with piano, and right now she really loves golf and horses so we will continue to let her take lessons and learn about those interests she enjoys. We will start Latin this year, using Song School Latin which will also be the coop class I will be teaching. At coop Abigail hopes to take a theater class, cooking and/or crafts at coop. Aidan will also participate in coop! This will be our first year, and I am so excited for all of us!

I am finding more and more added benefits to homeschooling!! I am so thankful for those that have gone before me in this journey for encouragement and sharing their experiences. What I love is that not one of us do the same thing, and isn't that how our kids were made, each unique individuals! I recently finished reading Educating the WholeHearted Child by Clay and Sally Clarkson and currently reviewing Everything You Want to Know About Homeschooling by Kerry Beck, both of these I would recommend especially if you are brand new to homeschooling, thinking about homeschooling or have been doing it for a few years. After reading these books, I am learning our family tends to be more Charlotte Mason and Classical learning style. Reading the benefits I don't understand why there are not more people homeschooling, however homeschooling has grown tremendously these last few years and I do think it will continue to increase. ( Though I understand not everyone is able to do it, but so thankful we choose this way to educate our children!

I love that we start our homeschooling day out getting in the Word, reading classics and poetry, and learning from living books verse standard text books and they are exposed to real life learning verses an artificial learning experience. Plus we really use our time wisely and have plenty of time to play and be creative in our learning. Since each child is different and has different interests, we can focus on what the child is interested in, slow down if needed or skip through something that they already know.

Well after the fun and scary weekend we had a nice quiet week was in order. So yes, we had a great 4th of July time with friends. So thankful for the Crum's having us over, along with two other families, one family which they had just met at our house the night we did fireworks, one of the reasons I love them!! But before we got there we experienced a scary situation, our washing machine (yes washing machine and mind you only a couple years old!) almost started on fire, so thankful I decided to go to the laundry room, I opened the door and found a room full of smoke, I yelled for my husband, got the kids out of the house and said should I call the fire department. Well after a little looking around, we figured it was the washing machine, which I haven't liked since the day we got it, darn electronic stuff they put on them now a days would occasionally not work right, so I would have to restart a load. Well this time, it decided to fry up. So after getting a new washer, which is old style, I am very happy and yes got my house aired out, thanks to my diffusers, a little purification and lemon essential oil! So lesson for you all, just buy the basic washer you don't need that extra stuff, unfortunately though not many companies make them anymore. So yes, a nice quiet week was in store, we enjoyed a family golf outing, supper with friends, crafting, and a library event this week. The rest of the week was also spent doing a little organizing and resting, yes a nap!! Sometimes you just need a quiet week, after a busy week to restore! Well at least I do!

Pics of the week:
My golfers!

Aidan and I enjoying the golf cart!
Good use for golf ball baskets!

Passed out, too much fun earlier!

My 4th of July cuties!!
Fun times at library show!

Encouraging reads:

Because behind your most tired moments lie the deepest parts of who God made you — longing to be known and restored.

Next time you’re at your wit’s end with a situation, go to God’ Word. If you have to sing it, read it or doodle it, let it be the cleansing, smoothing oil in the middle of your hard, sticky problems.

Seriously relatable LOL!!!! You might laugh as I tell you that story, gazing out into my backyard, which currently has a big naked patch where the coop used to be. The new dog likes to run through it and pick up chunks of dried poo-dirt, and then carry them in his mouth as he does laps around the yard.

Great list of ways to cultivate rest, I already do a few of things, think I will try the rest of them….Peace comes from rest. Peace comes from knowing that who you are is enough. Even when you’re not doing anything or when someone else doesn’t approve. Peace is knowing, deep in the fabric of your soul, that you’re okay.
Being the new girl can be hard. It has taught me that you have to put yourself out there. You have to be willing to make friends and be a friend. It means having to introduce yourself over and over again, but that can be an exciting part of the journey.

I have felt many times that I don’t fit in or am not like them, but yet I have also been this person too busy/distracted to notice, good and convicting at the same time!

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