Friday, July 3, 2015

Weekly Rewind ~ Oh my it's JULY!!!

Happy July!!! I can't believe it is July already, that means one more month till we start back to school! Still have lots to do! Homeschool planning (which is about done, whoohoo!), organize my recipes, declutter certain areas of the house, and simplify before we get started back are some of my goals. Doing these things will help with distractions and help eliminate wasted time or at least I hope! Trying to be proactive! Homeschooling takes up a lot of time, so I want to be prepared to hopefully make it a smooth journey as possible. I know I need to still expect the unexpected, that is just life! At the same time I am not going to stress myself if I don't get it all done, still want to enjoy these summer days we have! Enjoy the everyday ordinary and don't worry about what doesn't get done!

This week we had some fun celebrating the 4th of July holiday AKA Independence Day, think about what it means and then pray for our country!
I am tired, seriously don't think I have been this tired since I have had a newborn, but I wouldn't trade it for extra sleep (though I could use some now), its really been a fun week!! I rarely get together with friends just for fun, but this week it will be at least three times and you know what getting out and being with people isn't so bad, I say that kiddingly haha, because I prefer quiet over loud, solitude but that is rarity because I have kids, and really after a day of being mom and wifey I just like to cuddle up on the couch and read or watch a good tv show with the hubs or myself when he is gone. Plus many nights I have my PJs on when the kids do because we start our day so early, not by my choice might I add.
So Wednesday night we all stayed up too late, maybe ate too much sugar, possibly disturbed our neighbors (sorry), but we had fun with friends and the hubby put off a great fireworks show! Woke up with just a couple hours of sleep because little man still thinks he needs to get up with the chickens no matter how late he goes to bed. Thursday night I trek out of the house to meet up with some friends from MOM group for supper, had a great time eating with just adults and chatting! This weekend I look forward to hanging out with some friends and continue celebrating 4th of July! So after I make it through this weekend, I will probably want a little solitude, as that is how this mama recharges, quiet and peaceful, and a book. So really not because I don't like people, I just have to eventually recharge! My introvert friends will understand!

With it being July, comes a new focus for our month and it's a big one ~ RESPECT! Sometimes I think this is lost virtue in our culture. Respect means honoring people and the things God created, and you know what that means, ALL things!! I know, even those things/people you don't like! But we can do it through Christ, He did it for us, He didn't have to sacrifice HIS life for us but He did, He made the way for us. So as we go through this month and I know this may be a challenge for me at times, though I feel I am fairly respectful of things and people. My mama taught me right, you know that "golden rule" treat others how you would like to be treated. However, I think we can also go above and beyond just showing respect, we should do things for others they may not expect, we can stop what we are doing and put people first. I am guilty of this, I don't always do that. But I want to teach my kids that respecting others, honors God and shows His love!
Focus Verse: 
Romans 12:10 ~ Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

Pics of the week:
flowers from my kiddos :)

Daddy and daughter golfing duo!

Sunday night golf lessons

Last tball game, go Aidan!
Getting his tball medal!

Encouraging Reads: 
We don’t have to dismiss all logic and reason to have faith. It’s not a gospel for the non-thinkers.

Parenting isn’t overwhelming when we simply understand how to serve in this minute.
"To become a world class champion requires struggle, discipline, commitment and the will to submit to the process of developing greatness, and I believe that God has created each one of you to be a champion for His kingdom in your lifetime. I wonder how you are going to be used by God to change your world for the better?"

"Maybe one of you will be a great writer like C.S.Lewis, or a great composer like Handel when he wrote the Messiah! Or a war hero, or a missionary, or doctor--there are no limitations to what God can do through normal people who submit to His training and live by the power of His spirit inside of us!"

Things will continue to change. Both in our world and in our daily life. Some of those changes will feel like a tiny ripple and others will crash into our life and turn it inside out. But no matter what changes we face, we don’t have to fear. We don’t have to hide. Because our anchor is our unchanging God whose character, word, and promises remain fixed forever.

Homeschooling is not a “side-job” or hobby—it is a full time investment. Top 10 lessons of homeschooling
I want my home to resemble an abbey in these ways –a place of learning, of refuge, and of healing.

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