Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Rewind~Thankfulness and Encouragement

Have you ever questioned God? Well I have, many times! Recently He led me down a path that I was questioning HIM about, so I say OK yes Lord....and then all the sudden big stop signs! Really, what was the purpose and then I sit and I ponder and ask, I think He just wanted to know if I would be obedient and be willing, and yes possibly learn a few things and I did! People, God never did say the journey would be easy, nope it isn't in the Bible, and if you find it let me know! However, HE did say it would be worth it!! Romans 8:18  For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.

God being the awesome God HE is, gave us each other, to lean on and encourage one another. So thankful for those that God has placed in my life, just for that purpose!!  However, there are times in my life I haven't always experienced that, so I built walls up to protect myself, but that doesn't help, because it also keeps those people out that do want to love and encourage you. Something I have learned greatly these last few years!

I desire to live by HIS great commandments that  Jesus gave us to "love one another" (Matthew 22:36-40). Jesus lived that through all He endured. I am so thankful for His leading and teachings! I still have a lot to learn, but it is part of the journey He gives us!

This week in school, we completed week three and attended our first co-op day on Thursday! This is one of the most well organized things I have been involved in and that says a lot coming from this organizing geek! We had a fun time, kids loved it and a plus Abigail made and brought home brownies for her first day of cooking class! Aidan is enjoying preschool, he loves coming home and working on home-work. Yes he gets homework from his preschool, it is just one worksheet to provide extra practice and he gets a sticker if he completes it and returns it. He finished his first worksheet and proudly showed me his sticker he got, so I may have to use the sticker system next year for motivation when he starts kindergarten next year with us! Abigail doesn't need motivation, she just loves to hear she is doing a great job or a pat on the back! All that got me thinking, I need to sit down and look at their learning styles and also mine. This helps to see where we are similar and where we are different. In addition, it will help us in relating to one another better, but also help in learning and teaching. I was not too surprised by the results and mine were spot on for me. So I have to hope theirs are too, as I had to help in answering questions for both of them. I used The WholeHearted Learning Test from Educating the WholeHearted Child by Clay and Sally Clarkson, this book has been a big help for me in many ways, so I do recommend it for homeschoolers. 
Abigail's main learning style is facts and values, personality is helper, mental focus is reflective, and life orientation is time.
Aidan's main learning style is insights and logic, personality is shaper, mental focus is active, and life orientation is experience. 
Myself main learning style is insights and values, personality is mover, mental focus is reflective, and life orientation is time.
Here are snapshots of test with our results and explanation of one of my areas. The book goes into a lot more detail then what I have shared here. Of course as they age, it is possible these areas will change. It was a little difficult to answer some of the areas for them, but for me, I know myself so it was easy. 

Snapshots of the week:

This crew is ready for co-op!!!

Co-op group!
We upgraded her keyboard!

Encouraging reads:

We see signs everywhere but nothing is clear; Confusing, complicated, disappointing and hard. Obedience is all of these things.

We see signs everywhere but nothing is clear; Confusing, complicated, disappointing and hard. Obedience is all of these things. - See more at:
Love this…unfortunately I am about the age the author is writing this from, ha…An Open Letter From My 42 Year-Old Self To My 28 Year Old Self Who Is About to Begin Homeschooling

“When we listen to another, we catch a slight glimpse of their soul.  We create an open page where they are free to write their story.  We help people remember who they are.” ~Radical Hospitality

You are not your mistake. You are not your failure, your disappointment, or your wish-I-would’ve-done-that better or different or not at all. Perhaps the fact that you stumble shouldn’t be so shocking as it is certain. Necessary. Formative for becoming the best version of yourself as you navigate experience, humanity, humility, pride, and your very small place in the world. Paying attention is vital to becoming, and it’s hard and messy and painful and beautiful all at the same time.

True freedom is possible only through Jesus. Why?

Open your heart to hear the Lord and His voice. Quiet your heart and just listen. Then ask yourself:

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