Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Rewind

This week God kept speaking to me about change, through my devotion, current Bible Study (Children of the Day), and some postings I came across. Really Lord I do hear you!! Though He knows I need to see something a few times before I say OK Lord! I am a work in process, so still learning! In the Beth Moore Bible study I am doing she talks about "remix" as a means of when things change, something new will happen. Such as a change in team, breakup, move, etc.... Paul and Barnabas became a "remix", because they separated they reached more people and brought them to salvation through Christ. So when something is changing or is being caused to change, it really might be a time to send a thank you card to the one who caused it! (She was kidding, haha!!) Reminder it is God's plan to prevail and HE will!! Loved her quotes, they spoke right to my heart, as there have been some recent changes in my life and there looks to be another big one coming up! "The next person we meet could become one of the dearest people in our lives." "A journey gone awry could lead to the exact frame of mind God is looking to use."

My parents are arriving today to surprise the kids, so excited I can't wait!! Tomorrow here in the our family is a big day, a certain sweet girl is turning 7!! WOW!! So hard to believe, it seemed like yesterday she was just a little baby! Well she will always be our baby girl. So be sure to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We are so proud of the little lady she is becoming, she is smart, talented, and artsy (something I am not). She has a big heart and loves to help people and care for animals! 

We finished up week 5 of school, whoohoo!! Abigail had a math and spelling test this week and passed those with flying colors! Next week is vacation for us!! The husband has a week off, no plans! We are doing a stay-vacation! We still have a couple commitments but other than that, we will be exploring our beautiful state Kentucky and also Tennessee.  

Pics of the week:

Art class, working on making a pottery bowl.

Little man wasn't well earlier in the week, but made a fast recovery! Bless hims, too cute still!

Ready for orange day at preschool!

This little girl turns 7 tomorrow!

Reads of the week: 

If the idea of homeschooling has been on your mind, here are three reasons you should not homeschool your children:

Here’s the thing: Wherever you are today, the most remarkable thing you can do is to do good and serve the people right in front of you now, because the truth is that there are not many who are willing to embrace the mundane and obscure for the glory of God.

Been there…Because some of you are on a life journey that isn’t making sense.  But I learned those times are never wasted.

These precious people surrounding us are certainly needy, aren’t they?  Needing attention and instruction.  Needing clean clothes and healthy dinners.  Needing stories read, math taught, infractions disciplined, relationships nurtured. Mama, you’re a lovely pitcher.  And yet … no pitcher left in the “pour” position can stay full long

"Choose peace over productivity." Peace is the goal of our days. Peace is THE goal of our days. At the top of your to-do list, write it - Peace.

Yes, we use essential oils for many reasons! How about you? Great article on ways to use….

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