Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Rewind~Fun and News!

Over the weekend, we celebrated Abigail's birthday with my parents. We enjoyed their visit and had lots of fun! This week is vacation week, the husband has 9 days off, so far we enjoyed a trip to Mammoth Cave, local fun at the pool, golf, and in addition some cleaning and purging of items. We took one pickup load to Angel's Attic to donate, a few things to consignment, and a few things went to a couple friends. So why might I be purging and getting rid of stuff? Well it is a good way to live, the simple life, but we are moving! Yes I know, shocking! I have shared news of this to some of you, not easy news to share, as we love it here and the people! Here we planned on staying here until Ryan retired. First off he is not changing jobs. We are only moving across the boarder, only 40 minutes from where we live now. So we will become Tennessean's!! We made this move for many reasons, first we wanted more land, we have a girl that loves horses! Second, there is a huge tax savings and insurance and car tabs are cheaper. Downside, we are leaving a great church family, though we can still stay in touch and visit, as we will not be too far. We will have a little farther drive to homeschool co-op, but just 15 extra minutes so that is not much at all. We love our homeschool co-op and friends there! That was a plus when we found this home, that it was still close enough for us to be involved and still be close to our friends we have made here. We look forward to making new friends, new adventures, and seeing what God's plans are. The Bible study (Children Of The Day) I have been doing, has really spoke to me about change and how God may have a new mission for us in our new location. So yes, that was a big ball drop for some of you readers. Before, my neighbors go in a panic, we are leaving you with great new neighbors, friends from church bought our home! You will love them!!
So because of my husband's vacation, Raising Arrows took a week off of school. However some of our activities were field trips and everyday we were still learning. Tomorrow we are heading to the zoo!! Yes we are going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you? Sorry couldn't resist!! This month our virtue focus is serving. Ephesians 6:7 Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people. What is service: using our hands, feet, and hearts to honor God and love others.  I have been teaching my children to serve others, since they were old enough to talk, by doing simple everyday things and we have also done a few group projects together. I think it is such an important virtue to teach young children, so that when they grow up they continue to serve and help others. More important, is teaching the right heart attitude with serving, and I have been guilty of not having the right attitude, easy to do when I am cleaning up the tenth mess of the day. However, when serving our family, we are very much also serving Jesus, you don't have to go across the ocean to serve, you can serve Jesus right in your own home, town/community, neighborhood! Courtney the author of the book we are using for our monthly virtues, she wrote more here In addition this week I wrote out our next few weeks of our detailed school plan. Trying not to get too ahead of myself in my detailed schedule, since we need to allow some flexibility with packing and moving.

Pics of the week:

My parents!

Fun at Mammoth Cave!

Inspiring Reads

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