Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Rewind~Real moments, living fully (trying too)!

This week has gone by fast! My calendar is pack full of appointments and to do's for the next few weeks. I guess that is what happens when you move. Tomorrow I am looking forward to spending some time with my Jesus sista's from church, as we put together blessing bags and listen to a friend's breast cancer story. However, between doing school, co-op, piano lessons, and a few doctor appointments, I am trying to squeeze in packing up a house and making moving arrangements. You would think by now I would be an expert in moving, having moved so many times, but it never gets easier. Did a lot of purging and packing while the husband was off on vacation, yes that is how we spent some of our vacation time! So I am also trying to find special moments, enjoy the days here until we move too. Not so easy, because part of me is ready to blink ahead and be done with this, but I know if I do that, there will be moments missed and possibly God-appointments. So Lord, help me to stay present in the moment, to enjoy every moment, even the simple ordinary moments you have blessed me with!

News is starting to get out of our move, it is hard to share that news, but in reality we will only be 40 minutes away from where we are now. Though sometimes 40 minutes seems like hours, because of not seeing someone's face in the live weekly. So that is where it is nice that we have technology that allows us to keep in contact easier, but still nothing compared to face-to-face. This week in my Bible study (Children of the Day), Beth Moore wrote about this.. "A heart without a face looks like any other heart. It's the face-to-face that tells us if a heart-to-heart is real." To have a deep relationship, we need to see each other. So let's make the effort to do that. I know lives are busy, and I have been guilty of this too, but I don't want surface relationships, I want a deep relationship with the people I love and care about. Beth Moore also wrote this (which is my why I am passionate about women's ministry), "We were created for community. We thrive in healthy intimacy. We have to give fully to create the space to receive fully." Catch that, I sure did...we have to give fully in order to receive fully!  "We were meant to put ourselves out there for people. An earthly cause is nothing without a people it affects." So let's be all in people, let's have open hearts, let's give fully. This is the way to live fully!

With everything going on, we did finish week 6 of school. It was a little hard getting started after taking a week off to enjoy some of my husband's vacation time, but we did it!! We also enjoyed co-op, which I am thankful to be a part of. Abigail is back at piano lessons with Mrs. S after being off a couple weeks, however she managed to keep up practicing! Which is sometimes all that we can do when life is busy, just keep on practicing, keep putting one foot in front of the other and look up and smile and thank the Lord! 

Pics of the week:

Mike Miller Park Family Day

Nashville Zoo
Smores, yum!
The Way grand-opening!
Fun at Paris Landing

Inspiring reads:
When we live in a place where we can not be hurt, what will we see that we have never seen before?

This is why I’d rather be easy on people . . . I’d rather give grace. Because you just never know . . . maybe the woman in desperate need of an added measure of grace . . . is really me.

God longs to bring all the hidden things to light, so they can be seen and dealt with. He wants me to bring all of myself to the table of His love, even the parts of me that I would rather ignore or hide or even bury. He wants me to bring them to Him and let them go.

We’re not group projects. We’re masterpieces who exist for the pleasure and purposes of the Artist. We’re invaluable and irreplaceable.

God wants to be our Dwelling Place.  Period. God never meant for us to live frantic lives independently of Him.

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