Monday, October 19, 2015

A little update from our Tennessee home!

Typing here from my new Tennessee home!! Yes, we made the move last Thursday and since then have been working hard unpacking and reorganizing! My body is starting to recover from loading and moving things! Definitely could not have done this without some amazing friends and family!!! As of today there are just a few things to hang in our family room and the guest bedroom, aka grandparent's room! The hubs is working on organizing his tools and whatever else he has in his man-cave!

This week we will start to get back to somewhat of our normal routine, light school week, piano lessons with a new teacher for Abigail, go to our homeschool co-op, and catch up on laundry! Become official Tennessean's by getting our license's changed over!

I am happy to report, that our chicken's have settled in, and egg production has not stopped. Also Peter cat likes his new kitty condo and the woods to play in. As for Zeke our dog, well he has some anxiety, so he has been adjusting slowly. However he loves the acres of land to run around on!! He comes in the evening and goes to bed at the kids bedtime. The rest of us love it!! So peaceful and quiet here in these parts!! We have already met some of the neighbors, thankful to the previous owners showing us around!!

A few pics of our journey:

Sign from my parents!
The hubs working hard loading up!
My cleaning grew, awesome friends!!!

A pic with their favorite tree at our old home!
Chickens loving the new area!
Front porch view!

Back porch view!
Back porch view!

Our living room/dining/kitchen area!
Aidan wanted to show his new room!
Family room area!
New school room area, this space I love and my view is much better then my old view!
Guest room, just needs a little more decorating.
My husband's newest painting for my daddy, must love Peterbilt!
Journey of Faith
 Here is a song to listen to get the effect... 

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