Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Rewind ~ Humility and Brief Update of Our Week

We are finishing up week 8 of school this week, and planned to take the week off for fall break next week. However, with our upcoming move the following week I rescheduled our week off for the following week, with a light week the following week while we get resettled. This week has been emotional for me, lots of lasts and then my dad had a wreck in his semi due to a guy going through a stop-sign. Praise the Lord no one was seriously injured, my dad got some cuts and bumps, it could of been a lot worse. Wednesday was the last day of September, also the last day of Aidan attending preschool, and our last Wednesday night attending church at our current church home! I didn't realize how emotional I was going to get, but that was a lot to take in, especially in a days time! The teachers are putting together Aidan's scrapbook from his preschool, which shows what he has done so far, these are normally passed out at the end of the year at graduation time. I did not expect we get one, since we were not finishing up the year there, but so thankful! I am thankful for the teachers that have loved and poured into my children during there preschool years! Next Friday is our last piano lesson with Mrs. Suzann. We have enjoyed our Friday afternoons there this last year. Abigail has learned so much from her. I am so grateful for Mrs. Suzann sharing her gift! Oh the happy tears! My tears are not sad tears, but tears of good memories and great people! So excuse me if I look like a mess or don't feel like talking much, I tend to shut down when I get emotional. My poor hubby, has to deal with it! So pray for him! We did get away for a date night earlier this week, so thankful for that. He took me to see War Room, a must watch and a message that could not of come at a better time. I encourage everyone to go see it! Prayer is powerful, and I experienced that this week in many ways!! I love my prayer warrior sista's!!

I am happy it is October, my favorite time of the year, fall and sweatshirt weather!!! With it being a new month, we are focusing on a new virtue...HUMILITY! The book In This House We Will Giggle describes humility~giving God and others center stage. Focus verse: Philippians 2:3-4 Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don't look out only for your own interests, but take an interested in others, too. 
The author shares, that it takes practice to start thinking of others first and to consciously give God center stage. This is not something that comes naturally to our prideful human natures. But humility is important to God, so it's important to us! If we are families that follow Christ, we need to get really good at putting others before ourselves. Oh and I do so agree, that is why I need Jesus!!

Pics of the week:
My dates for a wedding last weekend!
Class bear joined us for a packing event at Kids Against Hunger

We packed 3,888 meals for kids in need with some of our local homeschool peeps!
Working on school work!

Art history project this week!
Last day of attending preschool, oh bittersweet!

Abigail and Mrs. S during her piano lesson time!

Little man hanging out listening to lessons, playing on the kindle and yes a cat stalker!

Encouraging reads of the week:

There's nothing holy or noble about running your body into the ground.

Three things we do know; that have helped me be grateful in the unknown…

Honesty is the path to peace, freedom, contentment, and every good thing in Jesus.

Even in the midst of the mess, you are still a masterpiece. You are still the focus of His love.

It’s about giving them freedom when and where they can handle it, and being their guide as they grow.

Seriously so relatable (because of the dog), but great message…Because the to-dos don't really go anywhere, right? But the years somehow do.
This is a book I ordered…And together we remembered that crying honors the friendships that have been so dear to us.

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  1. Gosh leaving has to be so hard. I'm totally like you when I'm emotional though, I shut down too.

    Great photos- hope you all had a blessed weekend


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