Sunday, October 25, 2015

So we can learn a lot from Zeke~Anxiety and Being Brave!

Our poor dog, well really Zeke is not poor, he is a very blessed dog, one we rescued from the Humane Society. In fact he is very spoiled!! Well he suffers from what I would call severe anxiety, at least that is what he would be diagnosed if he was human! No I am not a doctor, but having had some anxiety issues myself over the years, it is not hard to spot! First he does not like car rides, he will get sick or worse yet you will be required to pull-over to make a pit stop because he has to go, if you know what I mean. If you don't believe me ask my dad!

When we moved to this house I thought he love it, more freedom and room to run and play. Well he does love the outdoors, that hasn't been a problem. What I didn't anticipate is that he would have issues indoors and he is an indoor dog, has been since he was born. Well first he wouldn't go in any rooms, just stay in the living room and would end up in his bed by supper time and not move from it. Second he didn't like the tile floors, he would not walk on them, but thankfully after a few days he finally got over it. He would only go out the front door as he didn't want to walk through the garage, well the other day he finally went out the garage door! We have lived here for 10 days now! Today, he finally got brave all by himself and went on the deck and you know, I think he actually loved the view, as much as we do!! I am hoping soon, he will be brave enough to go downstairs! I am sure with a little more coaching and treat bribery he will!

So we can learn a lot from a dog!! We too can over-come anxiety! I know I have, I use to get anxiety attacks, but it has been years now, and I believe that is due to my faith! I don't worry much about things and usually don't tend to get too stressed out, though before the move I did deal with a bit of stress. However, God has reminded me once again after settling how HE is always faithful, His timing perfect, and always good!! Sometimes I just need that reminder! Much like my dog, needs to know there is nothing to fear!

Today, I will be brave and visit a new church with my kids, with people I do not know!

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