Thursday, November 19, 2015

A book review for Brave Enough

Are you brave enough in all areas of your life? I think most of us if we were honest would say no, this book I just finished reading, Brave Enough by Nicole Unice writes how you can be brave. The cover of the book is what drew me to the book, plus I wanted to read what she had to say about living bold and free. This book is wrote for women and I loved the stories she shared of real people 
and the ways they over came their fears, flaws and/or failures so they could live freely! Which I so love and am a big believer in, something that has taken me years to learn and at time is a struggle. She uses scripture and lessons from Jesus while he was on earth. Y'all know I am a Jesus girl and I can't share enough how life changing it is once you know Him!

The first few chapters she talks about grace and yes, we all need it and should give it. At end of each chapter is a section to how to be brave for the day, thought provoking questions and a prayer. This book is not meant to be sat and read. It is meat to be read, dig through the questions and apply it. If you have a certain area you struggle in, you could go skip to that chapter.
This book goes into grace, the importance of friendships and encouragement, forgiveness, how to love and give grace, not fear and know your limits. All these areas require being brave!

I don't have a book to give away this time, but I encourage you to check it out

About the book and yes a companion book to do it as a study!
Bravery doesn’t have to mean cliff diving out of your comfort zone. Life is about being brave enough—for yourself, for God, for your tasks, and for your calling—right where He’s placed you. A brave-enough life is one lived fully and confidently, with your shoulders relaxed and free from the weight of responsibility and the burden of trying too hard.
Nicole Unice, author of She’s Got Issues, wants that life to become a reality for you. She challenges you to get real about where you are right now—the places where you feel too scared to change, too tired to endure, or too worried to let go. Through personal stories and practical application, Nicole will lead you on a journey to harness all of your misspent doubts, concerns, and fears—and discover what God is saying about who you can be. Don’t miss the companion Brave Enough DVD Group Experience

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review.

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