Friday, November 20, 2015

Adventures and God Lessons This Week

This week my husband redid our fireplace, using some old wood from a tobacco barn and bead-board, along with stone. He is quite the handy-man, he never fails to amaze me! Though I sometimes have my doubts in the beginning when he starts telling me these ideas and I get a little nervous, cause it gets a little chaotic, but it turned out fantastic!! Always beauty in the mess!
We had a big wind and rain storm this week, the kids swing set blew over. So it looks like the husband will have a new project! Hey isn't that how it goes. Finish one thing and then boom, there is something else to do or attend to. Just thankful that was all that was damaged, I felt like we living in Corpus Christi again and were experiencing a tropical storm. Anyhow, we had a great week in our homeschool with doing some things a little different. I would encourage all homeschooling mama's take some time and watch some home-educating encouragement videos from Brave Writer or Amongst Lovely Things (you can see my links here for them), we all need encouragement and to know that we are doing things right, or if not, that we have not failed! Consider taking a "teacher in-service" day! Oh and I am having a mini celebration here, we are a little over a 1/3 way done with our school year!!!

This week I had a great talk with a friend, oh how I love her and oh how she blesses me!! We talked a lot about scripture this week, usually we talk more about life challenges. Let me tell you I just love digging deep with someone in the Bible. You know in the end, we are not going to figure it all out. Our God is not an in the box God! He can't be put in a box! We are just not going to understand it all till we get to the other side, in heaven and then, I am guessing we won't care much. All we need to do is keep seeking Him, so keep digging! When you get it wrong, it is OK! We all mess up, and we are not perfect, so those of you who are trying to be perfect, just stop it's not going to happen, I know I use to be one. God gave us a great gift, one that over-comes all and it is JESUS. So no matter the troubles you are facing or the evil that is in the world, it is going to be OK! Sure I worry, who doesn't and I know we shouldn't, but it is freeing to know that we have a God that loves us, HE is working it all out and we shouldn't worry about it. At least I don't worry as much as I use to before I knew Jesus! He is a life changer I tell you!!
 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” ~Jesus, John 16:33

Trying out a new pencil grip, it is helping!
Pics of the week:
Our tea-time story time, yes brownies!
This is an everyday occurrence at our home, how many deer will we see today! Just love it!
Encouraging Reads:
What may seem small can make a big difference. One cup of living water can refresh a heart. One cup can save a life. One cup can even change the world.

This journey isn't about self-effort or self at all.

Studying the Bible we can learn a lot and really it is all applicable, just loved this study…Keep On Going

He must be the engine that is running us, not the world.. Todd Friel: Knowing that the Bible is the word of God and not man should give someone great confidence when they read about who God is and, in this particular context, what He says about anxiety and worry. These are not just helpful thoughts based upon man’s ideas, but are God’s divine revelation to us. Because of that, everything God says is completely reliable. It is absolute truth. This should bring great encouragement to the anxious heart and peace to the worrier.

Be who you are...Teaching from rest

55 things I didn't do as a homeschooler


  1. That fireplace looks amazing!!!! It was super windy here this week too

  2. Thanks for the compliment! Have a great weekend!!!


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