Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Some changes in our homeschooling, with helpful links...

Because I have not had enough change yet (we recently relocated to another state), I decided to change up some things in our homeschool too. What I am learning is, change is good! This comes because we have been having some frustrating moments in our schooling and that is not what I want, certainly not my goal, and I have been facing a little burnout. Homeschooling two kids takes a little more work, which makes me appreciate my friends with larger families so much more, you all are rock-stars!! Last week I finished reading Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie, it brought such refreshment to my heart and could not have come at a better time!! At that same time I noticed my dear friend Audria over at https://storyland4.wordpress.com/  has been doing pottery tea times, so I had to ask her. She of course shared, because that is what friends do!! So I started reading articles at Brave Writer and watching replays of her periscopes. It made me realize I am going about some of our schooling wrong and worrying too much if I am doing enough or the right way. Which is naturally what us mama's are good at. So if this is you, stop what you are doing right now and take some time to watch some of the replays over at https://katch.me/BraveWriter   and get your hands on Teaching From Rest and start reading! "Teaching from Rest means we don't panic when things don't go according to plan - in fact, we plan for plans not always to work well. When I take on the challenge of this day with both hands and trust that we are right where He wants us, that's when I experience unshakable peace. Not when the work is all done, the lessons all checked off, the SAT aced, and my child sent successfully to college, proving that I did my job well." Also another book I recommend is Educating The WholeHearted Child from Clay and Sally Clarkson and her blog, especially this most recent one, which includes a podcast about cultivating artistry in your home at http://sallyclarkson.com/cultivating-imagination-creating-artists-in-your-home-a-podcast/

New poetry book!
So with that, I made some changes this week, and you know what our schooling is going so much more peaceful and lots of fun, which is how we started out at. I have incorporated some of Brave Writer's language arts techniques into our current curriculum, which we do like. It just now works better. You see I am not one type or another. I am a mix between a classical homeschooler and Charlotte Mason type and a little bit of our own uniqueness into it. Because we all know, the every child is unique and we homeschool to focus on each child's uniqueness and bring out the gifts God has given them. I feel that is where the public school system fails, they have to use one method.

What we have done so far this week, well we always start out with scripture and a Bible lesson, reading literature books and asking questions, sometimes doing copy-work, and sometimes draw a picture about the story we are reading. We continue to explore world history and animals of the world. Of course always math and spelling, but those spelling words are incorporated with books we use. This week instead of reading our read-aloud books at our table we are reading them on the couch or around the table enjoying a snack or coloring a picture related to the story. In near future, we will do some tea parties, but first a tea set is needed. We are doing weekly art projects and used some of our math skills while cooking. Yesterday, we had a family afternoon date to go see The Peanut's Movie, what better way to start the week!! Today, we are baking up brownies and will have story time with them!

Our goal is to make learning a part of our life, to make it fun, so it is life long. My goal is not to make scholars, though if that happens great, but the goal is to raise my children who God has made them to be, they are not my projects, they are little human beings. I believe if I am doing my best and letting God lead, He will bless our homeschooling. So if we don't get something checked off our to do list, or something doesn't go according to plan, or they are just not getting what they are suppose to be learning, well that is OK! There is tomorrow to try again or relook at it and go about it in a different way. That is how we keep peace in our homeschooling. Our homeschool, will not look like yours and vice-versa, that is what makes homeschooling so great! 

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