Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A new thing for me...Chatbooks

OK, so I must share a couple weeks ago I shared my struggle with updating my photo books, I was a bit behind, over a year behind. I am the kind of person who likes to put my photos in order as to how they happened in real life and then also write little captions by them. Which will help in the future when looking back and not recalling, hey what's going on in that photo or who is that. So doing a little research, I knew I would not go back to the way I use to to do them before children, that was actually scrapbooking, making them all cute and what not. I just don't have the time. I still wanted a way to have photo albums, I need my photos printed, because first I don't trust digital, I mean things get lost and disappear, not saying these things have happened to me, but could and we know some politicians this has happened to. We know the computer is only so safe. Plus my kids love looking at the albums we have. So after looking at some digital options and researching pricing options, because I need to keep this affordable. I found Chatbooks, hello anyone else use this? So I am new to this, but from what I understand, it will put together a photo book for you. You are notified when you have 60 pictures in the book. The pictures are taken from either an Instagram or Facebook account, of course you can manual upload from your camera folder on your phone, but again that is time consuming to me. I love that it will keep track of the photos I take and the captions I post with them. So therefore, I decided to create an Instagram account just for this purpose, so sorry if you see an abundance of picture postings of my personal life (you have option to unfollow and yes I will keep it private account), but I felt this would be better then having it linked to my Facebook account, where I love to share old memories, my blog postings, and photos with quotes/Bible scripture that inspire me and I didn't want these getting loaded into my Chatbook albums. Yes you can go delete and rearrange the book before ordering them, but again I want to simplify, so I am in the process of having my first album put together, probably be a couple weeks, though with Christmas coming I am sure lots of pictures will be taken. I will let you know how it turns out, but I am sure it will be great. So if you like to find out all about Chatbooks, go check them out they are on the web at http://chatbooks.com/ and if you decide you too think it would work in your life, sign up with my referral code T2LVETJJ  so we can earn free credits towards cost of books. Oh and by the way they are only $8 and yes that is shipping included, with 60 pictures in a bounded album and captioned, so cool!  

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