Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cookies, cookies and more cookies!! Merry Christmas!!

One of the best things about homeschooling, is the flexibility it gives us. My hubby works some crazy long hours but those days he does have off we are able to be flexible with our school work. Today was one of those days, we decided no school work, instead it would be family time and baking day. Which by the way does count as school work, think math, science, home-skill, and teaching about giving. We started the day trying out a local breakfast cafe, yum! Then spent a little out door time. After that Abigail and I started baking and baking, while the boys did some yard work. We baked enough for the town! So if you are craving some cookies, my place is the place to stop by! Usually I participate in a cookie exchange every year and this is the first year I am not part of mom group, so instead we are starting a new tradition and we made a little of everything and will be sharing! Tis the season, Merry Christmas!! 

Ready for delivery!

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