Friday, December 4, 2015

December, oh my!!!

Can't believe 2015 is coming to a close soon! Here we are in December already, just seems like it was summer not too long ago. Before the year ends I want to to focus on ending the year well. We have a couple weeks left of school before we take a break and I am ready for one! I am excited to revamp some things in our school and finish putting together the rest of our school year. We have some Christmas events to go to and this Saturday Abigail is performing in a piano recital, can't wait to watch her perform!! But most important I want to absorb the Christmas season. I love the Christmas season, especially the meaning. I love all the beautiful Christmas lights that twinkle and glow, that remind me of the light of Christ. All the beautifully decorated Christmas trees, our Jesse/Advent tree, baking special Christmas cookies, and giving gifts. It reminds me of the hope we are given in Christ and the love of God!

With a new month we have a new virtue, we are focusing on is generosity! Perfect time of year to do this and something I want to instill in my children through out the whole year. God is so generous with us, that we should want to share that with ours. Our focus verse is: Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. ~1 Timothy 6:18 We talked about what are some ways we can bless others during this season and the kids came up with some great ideas. Most of those were already included on Light 'Em Up list, go here  for some great ideas on how you too can be a part of being generous. This world is in need and what a great way to do something!!

I want to share some things I am excited about this week! I got The Writer's Jungle this week, it teaches writing for kids and I can't wait to incorporate this into what we are already doing. I am hoping to be able to also use this for a pottery/writing class at our coop or small group in our home. Julie provided a free revisions writing class this week for kids to watch and learn from, homeschoolers check it out here Also I got a super great deal on a microscope for our schoolroom, during Cyber Monday sales!! I updated our Jesse Tree ornaments, I had some cute home-made ornaments I had been using for the last few years but they were starting to fall apart. So I bought a wooden set of Etsy which included a book with daily reading, I so love it!!

I have some things on my heart this week, some friends battling depression, anxiety, heartbreak, loss and then there is the evil that is going on in this world. And many lost people, it breaks my heart! But I know that Jesus has overcome, that is where my hope is! So for me I withdraw from the negativity and focus on the blessings and I pray, Lord what is it you want me to do? I pray for those suffering that they will find the peace they need in Christ and go to Him and trust Him. I know it is hard to trust, I struggle with it, however it is something the Lord has been helping me with. This journey of faith, has taught me we have to trust, and God is always good, we may not understand, but His ways are always right. That is what faith is...
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. ~Hebrews 11:1 
For we live by faith, not sight ~2 Corinthians 5:7

Take time to sit with Jesus, it is something I am always reminded of during Advent season. Let's get back to letting Him lead and that starts with sitting with Him, getting to know Him. Oh Lord help me to keep the focus on you in this world! 

Snapshots of the week:
Beautiful crisp frosty morning!
New Jesse tree ornaments!
Encouraging reads of the week:

May we behold the mystery of Your birth with resurrection eyes.

Heavenly Father, how do You love that much? How do You know me, truly know me, and still love me? How can You know my thoughts, my ways, my failures, and continue to love? I didn’t, and still don’t, deserve Your kindness. Oh but how I thank You.

I have grown to love Advent. And though it is not a mandated observance in Scripture, there are profitable reasons to consider making Advent part of your holiday rhythm. Here are seven potential benefits of observing Advent.

The Bible is the divine mine that contains the theological mother load. Go dig, find it, and you will be enriched. 

But here’s the key to it all: when we stop counting the things we don’t have and start counting the blessings we do have, we find peace in the midst of the holiday season

And it’s okay if you don’t have it all together. You are loved.
Let’s be gentle with each other, full of grace, full of kindness this Christmas season and always.

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