Friday, December 18, 2015

Last day of school for the year and it's last Friday before Christmas!!

Today we finish up week 17 of school and our last day of the year of 2015!! What this means, we are about 1/2 way done with school! Also excited that we have a two week break. Next year I am going to plan three weeks, since there are so many activities in December to attend to and we get wore out. So I don't want to have that extra pressure of trying to complete school, when we are over-tired. It doesn't make for a great learning environment for anyone. Plus that will just give us more time to do extra Christmas activities, which is what we prefer to do anyhow and in reality most the things we do everyday count as school!
The next couple weeks will consist of enjoying the remainder of the Christmas season. Relax, rest, refuel, organize, review the year and the school work we have completed so far, and start planning the remainder of the school year. Also the hubs was able to use his last two personal days to take off the last two days of the year, so we can celebrate our anniversary and New Years together!!

I have been reading a lot about habits and softening, this is something I plan to work on in the New Year of 2016. This will not only be beneficial for myself, but my family. As a wife, stay at home mama and homeschool mom, I have lots of responsibilities. I am sure y'all do too, not comparing here, just sharing my responsibilities. And really I do not sit around eating bonbons and watching TV, as some may think that is what we SAHM do, ha! I know I thought after I quit working outside the home years ago and became a stay at home I have more time to do things, um no, but I do have lots more family time and that is worth it! Anyhow, my hearts desire is to do what God has given me to do and do them well. The last 6 years I have been involved in planning, organizing or being a part of a MOM ministry. At the beginning of this year God told me to step down and that was hard because it is something I believe in and is so needed for moms. However I have learned that once I did in fact listen to the Lord, He had a purpose and I am seeing them now. Just because I am not a part of one doesn't mean I don't believe in mom groups, just that my season was done. We moved recently and when that happened Aidan would start being with us during most of our school time instead of at preschool and little did I know, how much that would change things. So yes the Lord knew I need more time to focus on schooling in our home and also because I stepped down last year, HE was already preparing for someone to take my place in continuing on the mom ministry HE put together. I am doing what the Lord has given me to do and be in this season He has given me. The kids and I enjoy doing things together to help and bless others. Just this week, we baked cookies and delivered them to surrounding neighbors. Abigail and I joined our church family in singing Christmas carols at a nursing home and rehab center. Not something I normally do because I can't sing but my girl does, so I went because of her, but it ended up blessing me. There was a point during that time I almost started crying and it almost got me and I had to ask myself what is wrong (as I am not usually a deeply emotional person, so softening may help me in this area) and it was because I saw the JOY on their faces! I have been reading a lot about JOY this year and studying Paul in the Bible (oh how he loved Jesus and lived to share HIS news, even in the worst circumstances and hard-ships he endured). I have learned there is always JOY even in the worst circumstances, we just have to look for them. I want to be a shining example of a light of Christ! (Yes, I will still fail, but thankfully we have grace too.) So light will be the word I use to keep my focus on! This week I read some great articles related to softening and habits and I ordered this book to read Habits, The Mother's Secret To Success (I like Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy, so I know this book will be good) and here are some articles:

The best gifts involve giving of ourselves in ways that require time, introspection, heart, and sacrifice.

Soften! This is one great thing I took from my time in yoga training, need to get back to it! What does it mean to soften and why?

Habits. Who knew?  The tiny decisions, made faithfully over and over and over (and over and over) — this is what transforms our lives.

HabitsThe word probably doesn’t kindle a fire of passion or enthusiasm in your soul. Yet.

More encouraging reads:
Even after 2000 years, Jesus is still shining bright and chasing away the darkness. So each time you see a twinkle this year, may it also be a reminder of the One who gives light to all mankind. When God gave Jesus, He lit up the world with love.

If we built a school from the ground up based on what the research shows as how children learn best…we’d build a home. 8 Reason Children Learn Best at Home

What are you filling yourself up with? How are you recharging?

Yes, true wedding vows and how true these are …Let’s be real. In a culture that idolizes romantic love, we don’t need any more Shakespearean vows. We need vows that will shape and impact marriages. Here are 12 truthful marriage vows you won’t hear at a wedding.

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