Friday, March 27, 2015

Last Friday of March!

Today is my birthday, wow 41, really! Let me share with you how I feel about that:
  • In my 40 years I have gone through some stuff/crap and have come out on the other side. Seriously God has a plan, and I am learning that HIS ways are always best, even when it seems painful (seems painful, is my perspective)! Faith is a must!
  • My favorite hobby is quiet reading time, like for real! My days are full of teaching, raising up two young kids, cleaning, errands, cooking and now baby chicks, more on that below!
  • Your body starts to go down hill, metabolism slows, energy levels are low, and my hands wow I won't even mention that! But the good, I am comfortable in my own skin!!!Who cares about a few extra pounds, as long as I am healthy otherwise.
  • Coffee is a must everyday!!Sometimes a little wine is necessary after a long chaotic day!
  • No regrets, even the bad things, because they are life changing and will be used for good! Though I do wish I would have had a relationship with Jesus earlier. So my heart does break for those that are missing out on knowing HIM! My plea get to know HIM, don't miss out before it is too late!
  • I am beyond blessed, life sure hasn't turned out like anything I planned. However it is better than I imagined!!! 
  • I am still learning, that never ends! 
  • I am not perfect, and I am OK with that! Hallelujah!! 
  • I am more fearless, becoming more bold! That is a little scary!  
  • A couple good friends are a must, especially one's you can trust! Girlfriend time is too! I am still working on that one more!
  • A mentor in life is a must! Even better when you can call her a friend and she will be honest with you!
  • I love living in Kentucky, never imagined that on my journey! Actually there is a few things that I would have never imagined, but hey that is part of the journey!
  • This I know for sure~Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow!! 

School has been tiring this week, I am so ready for a break! We have been working hard, we did extra this week so that we could have a couple days off next week. That is a plus in homeschooling! We have family coming to visit (yay!!) and little man's birthday party (bittersweet)!! Then we will do one more week of school after family leaves and take a week off. After that, we will only have 5 weeks left to finish in our curriculum!!! I looked at our scheduled and our completed school days, and we will have completed more school days than required and that only includes counting our formal school days. It is amazing how you can tie a teaching moment in during everyday living. Right now we have a big one that we are learning from, baby chickens. Right now they are living in my laundry/storage room. I know that sounds crazy, but we have a few cold days and we were concerned it would be too cold for them out in our garage. They are cute, and I have a weakness for animals. Really I do think it is crazy, not something I ever imagined I say yes too. So six little chicks, named uno, dos, tres, cinco, quatro, and seis are now enjoying the high life of living indoors. At least it makes it easy to check in on them, plus the kids and Zeke are getting in extra bonding time with the chicks!

Some pics of our week:
Our new additions, 6 chicks!

Sleeping chicks, in my laundry room! They are happy spoiled birds!

Caught Zeke taking a nap one day all by himself, guess he had enough of us, ha!
This boy turns 4 next Saturday!

Ever have doubts? I have!

"I feel comfort in knowing that God never called me to figure it out. He doesn’t ask or even expect me to know all things. He just asks me to follow Him. Through the deepest fog. To trust His leading. To know that when He closes a door or takes me down a different path than where I thought I was headed, to go willingly. That when I have to leave something behind, it doesn’t mean He’s letting it go. I want the faith that tells me that even though I cannot see, He can. And He knows the way."

"There is no sin so great or despair so profound or Winter so barren that the Lord cannot reach you."

This is what worries me, because many believe this lie that because a person is good they will go to heaven. "Good people don’t go to heaven; saved people do!"

"Heroism starts with a heart shaped by a passion to love and serve God, through actions, stewardship, relationships and obedience."

"Because if God has a plan for your life (which He does) then you can’t possibly mess it up so badly that He can’t redeem it. It’s His job. It’s His story. Every single one of us was made for a redemption story. That includes you, too. No matter how much you can’t see it right now."

One of my favorite daily devotions… 
"He was arrested so we could be set free.
He was deserted so we could know we’re never alone.
He was betrayed so we could be held in the arms of Love." 

Great list for us homeschoolers (encouragement)!

"Homeschooling is good for families.  Here are 100 reasons why."