Friday, January 22, 2016

A little weekly update, there is snow and encouragement here!!

Today the snow is coming down and the kids are excited to play in it, me not so much, but I do love hot chocolate, movies and books! Unfortunately the railroad doesn't shut down, and of course my husband was called out before they got the chance to all play in the snow this morning. My awesome hubby did manage to make me a path to my girls (aka chickens) with his leaf blower, now snow blower. We finished our school work for the week, so today there will be bundling the kids up to go out, tending to my outside critters (by the way, they don't want to go out and I can't blame them), probably lots of hot chocolate, movies, and for me I think it is a book and PJ day, well sometime today. Because us mama's know our jobs are never that easy. All I have to say about this snow, is it is pretty and peaceful to watch! I am always reminded of the precious hymn, What can wash my sin:
 Oh! precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow;
No other fount I know,
  Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

Blessed and excited to be a part of these two book launches, two of my favorite book authors!!

Oh and don't forget to enter the give-away for Jesus Today

 Pics of our week:

My awesome hubby, making me a path with the leaf blower, aka snow blower!
Still coming down!
These two crack me up, fun times during read-a-loud time!
Latin time!
Puzzle time!
Love this, caught in the act, big sis reading to little bro!
Baby it's cold out there!
Encouraging reads:
Because we live out of what we meditate upon. When life presses against us, whatever takes up residence in our souls drives our reaction. 

In the place between what is comfortable and what feels like it may kill us is where we become all we’re created to be.

Just yes…The next time you’re tempted to put off that moment of rest for the sake of ‘doing something productive’, remember that renewing the soul and mind is profitable. Stop, take that break; then return to life’s never-ending responsibilities, ready to rock!

Just love this…Your life, your story and the message you bear is written inside you for a reason. Embrace it! Learn from it. Lean in to the gift of grace that was freely given to you so that you might find hope and peace in the midst of your story — and then the courage to give it away. Life is beautiful, and it’s even better together.  

Knowing Him intimately and personally will radically change your life. Knowing about Him won’t do much good.

Perspective… Maybe you have a child that wakes up at the crack of dawn. Maybe you are exhausted and overwhelmed. Maybe, just maybe, they are not waking up early to frustrate or anger you. They just want to BE with you.

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