Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year, first Sunday!

The kids are enjoying this beautiful Sunday afternoon outside on their resurrected play-set. It was in pieces after a big wind storm. However, I have a handyman for a hubby who can fix about anything, so very thankful and yes the kids were excited. I think it may be better than before! I am finishing up organizing the schoolroom for our last half of the school year! We are all excited to get back to it. Routine is good for the most part. We love books and learning! The time we spend together though is the best part of it. Though I will share there are days when it doesn't all go so great, but there is grace and a new day. Oh and I am cooking my first whole chicken. This is big for me, I hate touching raw meat, I had to pull the neck and giblets out, but oh the money you do save by buying it whole verse already cut up!
During our Christmas break I have been dong a lot of reading, reflecting, planning, and putting together some goals, that I hope to turn into good habits! Last year I started a daily morning goal of reading from the Bible, I don't tend to get too deep in my morning reading, I prefer reading before bed, it is when the house is quiet. However, this little bit of time I made myself do, turned into a good morning habit and it  makes for a great way to start the morning! This year I went and bought a new Bible (Everyday With Jesus), a daily reading Bible, that is all laid out with the daily scripture to read. No need to look up the scriptures I am to read or follow a plan it is all there, and I am a hi-lighter, note-taker, so a real living book is a must! I am so loving it, makes it simple. All I have to do is open up, find the today's reading and start. Now I am going to add to that morning habit time and try to get my workout done before we start school. I have a habit of getting up and doing a little yoga routine, and then coffee, Bible and personal time, but I need to get back to a good regular workout that includes strength training. Oh I do hate strength training, but oh it does work! So if you see me limping or moving slowly you know why. FYI for you younger people, calories don't come off so easily after you turn 40!

So here is what I have been reading and I so recommend these books. When I have more time, I will share more of what I am learning, it is soooooo good people, it is going to make this girl make some changes, good changes, new habits, better habits. All I need for this is HIS help, strength and grace to do them.
~Living Well Spending Less, 12 Secrets of the Good Life by Ruth Soukup
This book I thought was going to be about saving money, but oh it is so much more. Here's a little...The Good Life, fight the good fight of faith, take hold of the eternal life God has give me, what are my priorities, how do I practice them (fruit of the spirit), keeping my eyes on my own path and walk it to the best of my ability, adopt an attitude of gratitude, eliminate tempting things that don't serve us, my passions and gifts God has give me, to bloom where I at....
~Hands Free Life: Nine Habits for Overcoming Distraction, Living Better, and Loving More by Rachel Macy Stafford
This book is convicting me in many ways, the Lord knows how to place a book in my hands at the right time! Here's a little...connect with people or something that makes your heart come alive, invest in what really matters (for me family, friends, church, neighbors, homeschool community), you have power to protect your sacred relationships, values, beliefs, health and happiness, you have power to purse the passions of your heart, you have power to invest in a life that matters to you, make a daily habit to catch glimpses of joy, seize the day, your foundation is on the inside will not be found on the outside (your soul), make your foundation unshakable (that is JESUS), be a listener with unconditional attention, make heart lifelines,..
~You're Already Amazing by Holly Gerth
I love Holly's blog and this is one of her must read books...Dare to embrace who you are. Dare to do those weird things you do. Dare to trust Gods' whispers into your life more than the demands of the world around you about "the right way" You have the Holy Spirit within you, and He will show you what you need to change in a way that's gentle, life giving and affirming.
The goal is not perfection. It's simply to be in an intimate relationship with Christ each day, fully embrace who He created us to be, and seek to fulfill the purpose He has for us. He is our greatest strength.
God has a journey for your life. It looks different than anyone else's. The road He's carved out for you, is yours alone. Whatever journey God begins in your life and heart, He promises to finish in His perfect timing.
We need others to speak truth to us, remind us we're amazing, walk alongside us, and encourage us in all God has called us to do.
Oh I do hope you have people like that in your life! Love all, please the ONE!
~For homeschooling I am reading The Writer's Jungle by Julie Bogart 

So people what have you been reading or doing on your Christmas break? In addition to reading, we had lots of family time, my hubby and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary together with a little date night at home. How is this possible you ask, well we fed the kids first, set them up with a movie and the hubby and I cooked and enjoyed a meal time alone. Kids then went to bed and we binged on Netflix. So much better then being out and about on New Year's Eve. Thankful to bring in the New Year together and celebrate our marriage. Marriage is an amazing thing, when you figure it out that it takes giving your all and love always wins people. God is good all the time and I pray and hope you feel that goodness from Him and know Him. Happy blessed 2016!!!

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