Friday, January 8, 2016

What a week!

We started back to school after a two week Christmas break, much needed for all of us! We had a really great week in school. I am a bit tired, getting back into a regular routine is good, but I have to be careful how I balance it all (wife, mom, homeschooling, laundry, cooking, cleaning, errands, me time, etc...). So I have limited a few things, one which is social media and you know what it feels good. I have learned I really prefer instragram, definitely a visual person. Last week, I did a meal plan for the month and shopped for the groceries. I must share I am so proud of Aidan, he has mastered the alphabet and the sounds for each letter!! For the next two months we will be discussing a fruit of the spirit each week, this week was LOVE! Abigail loves reading and journaling (I think she gets that from me), science is still her favorite subject and this week we are learning about how the body works. No co-op this week, we start back next month. Aidan will be taking karate as one of his classes, oh he is excited!

This week the hubby had a couple extra days off, love family time! We put an offer in on a duplex, and it was accepted. So yes we are going to become landlords, this is nothing new, we have done this before, just been a few years. Though to be honest I am a little anxious about it all, but it will be an exciting journey together. So you know if you know anyone needing a cute place to rent, we will have one available soon! Fun for the week, we are taking the Tennessee's handgun conceal carry class. Unfortunately the one we have from Kentucky doesn't transfer so we have a limited time to get it done so we can continue to carry. If you want my opinion, I think it should be transferable. That is all I will say about that, I don't share my political views too much on here or social media, for a few reasons. However, I am always open to a friendly fair discussion. It is possible people, but more than often I have seen it not go that way.  So now you know for those that didn't, yes I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and of course the Constitution (which is sadly not respected by many), our founding fathers knew what they were doing.

As always here are some encouraging reads this week, I needed them and maybe you do too:

So loved this list….a list of ten things I believe you are going to get right as mamas this year. A list to remind you of all the awesomeness you usher into your family just by being your regular, imperfect self:

Yes…If love is the only goal, then I wonder what can hold us back?

"Caring for yourself is wise and everybody needs to rest."

Now is a good time to remind yourself why you are living outside the box.

It’s time, women, to be about our Father’s business. It’s time to be on our faces before Him. Today. Right now. Yes, maybe I’m crazy…it’s quite possible. But don’t you want to be a little crazy with me? I need people who are willing to point me back, over and over.

If we want a sense of peace and joy, we need to change the way we think, and what we’re focusing on.

You know I a big supporter of mentoring relationships! This post has some great mentoring/mentee info at the end of it, I signed up, ekk!!


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