Monday, February 22, 2016

Better Together!!

I am a big advocate of mom groups, because the mom groups I have been a part of were such a blessing in my life. Having moved several times (and I am talking 8 times in 10 years), it was a great way to meet other women. I started attending a mom group called MOPS when Abigail was a few months old after we had moved once again in Texas (and Texas is no small state we are talking 4 hours away from the previous town we moved from). A lady reached out to me and invited me to come to one of their meetings and from then on, I have been a part of 4 different mom groups, because of our many moves. The last group was one I coordinated together, because there was no group close by. God knew what He was doing from the first day I attended a mom group!

So why be a part of a group? Well, these ladies I met, encouraged one another, shared helpful mothering, parenting, and marriage information, prayed and supported one another in good seasons and trying seasons, some of them have become life long friends, and I have grown in faith because of their love and friendships. What I would call Jesus with skin on people, Christ-like! So when Jill Savage shared about an upcoming book launch group to share her new book she wrote with her daughter Anne McClane, titled Better Together~Because You're Not Meant to Mom Alone, I applied right away. I knew this would be a book of encouragement. Oh and it is, a book that will take you into what and why of friendships, different types of friendship, seasonal friendships, conflict in friendships, creating community, giving and receiving in friendships. They share all this through their personal stories and share Bible stories and verses relating.  Jill's shares hard times, she is honest and down to earth type, I so related to her struggle with friendships, and you can feel her love shared throughout the book. 

"God created us to be in relationship with others. Jesus modeled living in community with the value of friendship. The Bible has all kinds of wisdom about friendship. We need to understand how friendship and faith go together and how to find, build, contribute to, and embrace our mothering community!" ~quote from book

The book doesn't release till March 1st, but if you preorder you get a great deal!! Get $60 in fabulous mom resources! Offer ends Feb 29. Find out more at

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