Friday, February 19, 2016

End of the week encouragement and review!

Wow I can't believe spring will be here soon! I was looking at what we have left to finish our homeschool curriculum for the 2015-2016 school year and it is just 3 months! Whoohoo!! So I need to start looking at what we will be doing next year and planning. I love ordering new curriculum, books, and supplies. I am somewhat of a nerd, when it comes to planning and books! Like the first day of school excitement!! I know we will stay with Sonlight as our main curriculum, however there are decisions for both kids with reading/writing/spelling, math, and any extra curricular areas they are interested in. I am learning the awesomeness of a Morning Time from Sarah Mackenzie (if you are interested take a listen  and also check out Sarah's web-site her book Teaching From Rest is so good and I am thinking about becoming a member of RAR). I want to add in a nature study this year, so I ordered the Handbook of Nature Study, this book is huge, so worth every penny. I got a book on teaching Shakespeare. I had this book on my kindle, but after I started reading it, I realized this book is one you want in real book form. We will continue Latin, I am looking at an art study from Schoolhouse Teachers. I became a member with Schoolhouse Teachers a couple months ago and really like all they offer, plus the added benefit of media library with Rightnow Media. The kids love watching stories about missionary's, and it helps them to connect to the stories we read about them. Homeschool mama's have you been thinking about next year's curriculum, what are  your plans? I enjoy hearing what others are doing, this is how I found out about the Shakespeare book and nature study book.  
In addition to thinking about curriculum, I started to think about gardening and canning. Canning is something I have never done, we got some canning jars and lids at a reduced price recently, and I ordered a recommend book. The house we have has a large pantry, I am excited about filling it, with all different kinds of food in jars!! Oh did I mention the hubby talked me into doing meat chickens! I am definitely becoming a farm girl! I still love some goats, maybe a pony too, but you know baby-steps! So I appreciate any gardening and canning tips!
Books I got, does this tell you anything? 

People, especially mama's I wanted to remind you and me too, we are doing what God called us to! So don't compare yourself, don't worry or feel guilty if you feel like you are not doing enough (you are enough), instead enjoy it, find the beauty in those messes (because well, we know kids make messes and I many times am guilty too). 
I don't share much about my ugly parts on social media, I rather share encouragement and look for the positives, the blessings in life. I would never want someone to think I have it all together, I still struggle. Not a one of us is perfect, and we are not called to be perfect only Jesus is, we called to be faithful. That my friends is freedom that comes from knowing Christ! That is why I share my faith, because if it wasn't for Jesus, I would not be where I am at this moment, I would not be who I am. So grateful for HIS love and mercy!  

This is fitting for me, being a railroaders wife!

Bible verses speaking to my soul:
This is our focus verse this week in school and God is reminding me through it just how important prayer is! There definitely is power in prayer! God is so good to us, He answers, though may not always seem to be in a way we want, but it is the right way, HIS ways are always good!! Matthew 7:7 Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Encouraging reads of the week:
What a great reminder (except this is my 42 year old self telling my 54 year old self, ha)…Enjoy your homeschooling journey, Mama. These days are rich and exhausting, delightful and baffling, overwhelming and glorious. Breathe deeply and keep God first. You are going to survive this beautifully, because God equips and prepares His children. Trust Him..

Some days I need this reminder…As a mother of young children, sometimes I wonder…

Oh my I just love this…“Customer service shalom” has taught me how to resist the temptation of consumerism to reduce those relationships to transactions.

In the intense years of mothering, God is molding us, bending us, and stretching us, and even halfway through, we won’t be who we were at the beginning. And that’s a feature God has put in motherhood, not a bug. If we’re the same at the end as we were at the beginning, something’s run amok. God is in the business of transforming us and motherhood is gospel means.

I so adore Holley's writing and encouragement she shares on her blog and blessed to be a part of You're Already Amazing, this is a book for all women and March 1st she will have study guide and video session to go with it!!!! We are closest to and most like Jesus when we are fully being who He created us to be. #alreadyamazing

Pics of the week: 

Beginning part of week, sleet!
We love coloring and journal time!
My swat-man!
She loves to journal, like her mama!

Old school I-pad, etchasketch! 
Watching a missionary story.
Sweet Valentine's Day!
At the rodeo with my cowgirl!
My men! Little man ready for mutton-bustin!
Another beautiful sunset, God's beauty to us!

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