Friday, February 5, 2016

First week of February~Friday encouragement and learning!

This week has been full of some amazing blessings and God miracles, those are sometimes hard to see, but a sunrise, a friend being saved, giggling kids, warm beds, chicken eggs, chocolate, happy mail, quiet time to read, encouraging people.... There has also been some pondering and struggles, not going to lie, I struggle, life is messy at times, but I love how God always reminds me that I am enough, how HE loves me (and you too)... so take some time study His Word, it is life changing, sing some or listen to praise songs (cause not everyone has been gifted with a voice, me), make some art, watch a sunrise or sunset, sit in HIS presence. God is always good, His Word is always true, never changing, for that I am very thankful, for when I doubt I know what is true, for when I struggle I know He is there, for when I feel lonely I know I always have Him, for when I don't know the answer I know He has me in the palm of His hand.... Sharing this wonderful reminder from She Reads Truth...

I love how this hymn helps me lift my eyes from my inadequacy to His sufficiency—from my not-enough to His always-enough. It helps me to remember the wonderful works He has done (Psalm 145:5) and to meditate on those, rather than circling around and around all the things I’ve left undone.
I love how this song shifts my gaze—
From my sin and mistakes to God’s sacrifice and grace.
From my problems and pain to God’s power and mercy.
From the mess of my heart to the beauty of His love.
From the ache of this world to the hope of our true, eternal home.
Friends, let’s gather ‘round and sing this song together today, turning our eyes from ourselves to our great God, proclaiming His goodness and faithfulness to our our own souls and to those around us (Psalm 145:3-7).

Encouraging reads of the week, that speak to this mama's heart:

Everything is beautiful and crazy and wildly spiritual.  Don’t believe for one moment that your days are just blips – ordinary nothings.  Reject the lies and embrace the truth.  Your life is sacred, your minutes are blessed, and your weeks are spattered with grace.  True, deep-down joy finds us when we see the ‘everyday ordinary’ as profoundly purposeful.

I love these 12 things, anyone else relate? I need them all (and yes I am an INFJ according to Myers Briggs test years ago), but call it what you want it is how God made me and HE is the one transforming me, so that needs to be added to the list to be complete!.
I have recently been starting to get more #12, working on #6, if it wasn't for my book addiction ;)

So true, there will be days like this, many….Repeat after me: Lists are tidy. Life isn’t.
I feel quite an urgency, a panic even, for preservation. I’m afraid the abundance, ease, and social acceptance of technology are threatening certain life experiences to the point of extinction.

Pics of the week:
My golfers!
Heading to mailbox, special delivery, beautiful day!
Bible time in school!
Art project, working with clay, learning about early pottery!
Valentine treats!
My talented hubby, a painting of a friend!
What I am enjoying, watching sunrises!
And sunsets!

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