Friday, February 26, 2016

Last Friday of February Encouragement!

I don't think I have shared this with many yet, but I must, because it is life changing in our household! The railroad my husband works for went to two days off a week! You know what this means? My husband is home for two days a week not on call, no railroad calling saying you need to report to work at 0215 or whatever time they call!! Before it alternated 1 day then 2 days off every other week. And before that, before he started with company he is with now, he never had a day off, always on call 24/7. So these last few years have been great with days off weekly, not having to worry about railroad calling and interrupting plans or being close enough to get to work once called. But now two days a week off is almost like a normal (normal is over-rated anyways) schedule except that he still doesn't have a schedule. He works on-call only, gone for days at a time and his days off will still fluctuate somewhat. I just love that we can plan on having him home two days a week and we can do stuff together, and without having to drive separate!! That sounds funny, but yes that happens often, we drive separate if we go someplace, like church or an appointment, we will drive separate in case he gets called so we don't all have to leave. I guess reading this you might think well that is odd, but it works for us, I have learned so much about the ways of the railroad and when I tell people what my husbands does for a job, they think it is cool! I don't always, because he works a lot, but he provides for our family so I can remain home helping to raise up our children. So that is our big life change, I know it won't seem big to most, but I love it!!

This week we finished up week 25 of school, we have been busy learning about the Great Wall of China, Greek history, Parthenon (so will be visiting Nashville soon to go see the replica again), missionary George Mueller, having fun with math, reading the Wheel on the School, and learning about the human body! But mainly trying to focus on walking in Truth, beauty and goodness in our everyday living! Little man came down with some type of virus, my guess that is all it is, he seems much better today. We all upped our elderberry and vitamin C and diffusing Thieves EO throughout the house in hopes to keep it at bay. Hoping to take a little field trip today, but will see how little man is feeling this morning.

Tonight is pizza and family movie night, we try to do this weekly. I am a big believer in doing family activities together and eating at the table together for meals. I feel this is what unites and keep families close together. Creating TRUTH, goodness and beauty!! This is a theme I am incorporating in our household after reading Sally Clarkson's book The Life Giving Home and Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie. I miss the family meals with my family and big meals at my grandparents houses for special occasions, but Minnesota is a bit of drive to see family. However I am looking forward to seeing family this summer and my parents are coming to visit soon!!
This Bible scripture lined up with what we have been teaching and learning, love how God speaks to me. From my Every Day with Jesus Daily Bible.

Encouragement of the week:

Homeschool mama’s if it ain’t broke…Options are both a curse as well as a blessing.
What Church is meant to be! Blessed to be a part of church like this!
Don’t miss what God is up to. He is at work. His work doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. His work means He is for you. He cares enough to not leave you where you are but to write His story through your life.
Just yes, love these 6 rules, making these also a part of our homeschool journey…It is never too late, or too early in your homeschooling journey to set a vision for your family. 
The real good life is meant to be up in the air — because life’s real battles are being fought up in the air — up in the heavenlies.
March scripture writing! This is something I have been doing daily, it really is a great way to get into the Word!

Snapshots of the week:
Beautiful day early in the week, and may flowers are starting to come up!
Coloring and journaling out on the deck!
Little man and I had a date day, he wanted Sonic and to play with cars!
Little man may not feel good, but he doesn't let it keep him down. Love his imagination!

My new favorite tea, thanks to a recommendation from a friend!

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