Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday review and encouragement!

This week has been full of lots and lots of rain, but we did have one beautiful sunny day at the beginning of the week! We celebrated my husband's birthday, the kids had fun making a cake and surprising him. The kids had swim lessons which they love, completed week 28 in Raising Arrows (our school), and for me researching and looking into some changes for next year's curriculum. It is a difficult decision to make as I am looking into possibly switching from using Sonlight to a curriculum that will allow me to teach our Bible, history and science for both kids combined, instead of being in separate studies. I have it narrowed down, now to pray and wait. Which is the hard part, waiting, but I don't want to rush the decision.
This is a short and sweet post, however sharing some of my favorite pics of the week and encouraging reads. Oh and be on the watch out for a couple upcoming reviews  soon, one for us moms (Having a Martha Home the Mary Way by Sarah Mae) and one for the kids!

Encouraging Reads:

We should take notice of what Jesus did not say in the Great Commission. He did not say, “Go therefore and make converts of as many people as possible.”

Six end times areas of agreement about which the Bible is explicit

The thing is, home schooling is a journey of the heart.You have chosen to home school because you believe it is best for your kids. Strategies for Successful Home Schooling

No matter where the journey of life takes us, we become the living stories of what it means to be cherished and beloved by Jesus. Don’t let anyone or the hardness of the journey convince you otherwise. Life will never be the same. Let’s follow this journey through. Lean in. Be you. Be the Beloved.

Homeschooling: 3 Things That Will Take You to the Finish Line

Our memory verse this week: 
Such a good reminder and lesson to practice!

Quote from one of the books we are reading during school time.

Pics of the week:
Dirt play, love their imagination!
Zeke enjoying some love on a beautiful day!

More "May flowers" are popping up!
Aidan helping load gravel into our trailer! He loved it!
Special birthday gift for my favorite man!
Kids singing Happy Birthday!!
"Batman" working hard in school!

Reading the Bible lesson!
Aidan cutting up!
Reading assignment!

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