Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday! Encouragement, fav reads and more....

I am excited to share I have a plan for our curriculum plan for next seasons school year!! Always a hard decision, because so many choices. We will continue using Sonlight as our main curriculum (history, science, Bible, and LA), we really like the world view and Christian values the curriculum provides, plus they are a literature based curriculum!! I have decided to add extra grammar and spelling program with Sonlight's LA for Abigail. We used Rodd and Staff preschool this year and loved it, so we will use there English program, it seems to be what we are looking for. For math we will continue to use Horizon, we have really liked it and it is working. Over the summer we are going to use Life of Fred math, as a way to make math fun and will continue it throughout the school year, as needed. We will continue onto the next level on Song School Latin. Starting new school year I am going to do a loop schedule for nature study, art, Shakespeare and character building. I wanted to add this time in our schedule so it doesn't get pushed to the side. We want to learn by exploring, being creative and seeing beauty. This embodies what we believe to be and important part of learning~truth, beauty, and goodness! I ordered some books last week that we will use during the year and some this summer already (mostly some good read alouds that are a part of the Read Aloud Revial at and what we will use in our loop schedule). Next month I hope to order the rest of what we need, so that I will have it all by the time we wrap up this school year, so I have time to organize and plan out during the summer time off.

Today my parents and brother arrive for a nice long weekend!! We are looking forward to their visit, not sure yet what we will be doing, but just time together will be nice. We don't get too see our family much, because of the long distance. We completed another week in our homeschooling journey. Next week we are taking a spring break, we will enjoy extra free time, and I will plan out our last six weeks of school for this school year!! This year seems to have gone by fast! Though some days the days feel long! But I don't regret this time I get to spend teaching and learning with them! Below you will find some snapshots of our week and adventures! Never a dull moment!

Today is Good Friday, let's not forget the great sacrifice our Lord gave for us. Oh how HE loves us!

“Jesus Christ, our true light, plunged himself into the darkness so that we might live in light. We can go through the darkness of this day because Jesus went through it before us. He is saving us and bringing about our everlasting joy, in a way only God could have chosen. Easter is not far away!”~JourneyToTheCROSS
Mark 15: 37- 39 And Jesus cried out with a loud voice, and breathed His last. Then the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. So when the centurion, who stood opposite Him, saw that He cried out like this and breathed His last, he said, “Truly this Man was the Son of God!” 

Encouraging posts: 
Whatever you do, do it as if everything depends on just that. 

Good read for all that are raising boys...Boys and reading and why their failing…
Here are a few reasons why Christians should play banjo and decorate cakes, knit sweaters and make movies, do photography and write poems: sure to check out the links also in this article...Choosing Freedom in Education

God is wholly and relentlessly committed to our holiness. He is committed to our purity, to putting our sin to death. He is so committed to this that he will create within us a whole new relationship to sin, and even to our favorite pet sins. See, each of us enters the Christian life with sins that are so appealing, patterns of sin that are so deeply entrenched. We wonder if we can ever have freedom from these sins. We wonder if we will ever be able to resist these temptations, if we can ever see deep and lasting change.

To be or not to be. That is the question. To be alive to the goodness, truth and beauty which surrounds us, or not to be alive to it. To delight in the presence of Creation so that we might dilate into the presence of the Creator or to distract ourselves to death.

But, when we determine to make our homes a place of life, Satan is determined to thwart us. Satan knows that the most precious treasure in God’s economy are His children, his handmade creations–those who have souls that will last for eternity. And so the battleground for our future is at the soul level of life. We are living in homes where the laws of thermo dynamics take place every day–that energy is depleting at a constant rate and everything is moving toward disorder. Knowing this–understanding that it will never change–and give yourself grace. Do not expect perfection. Do not condemn yourself or become angry at your children because they are not perfect. Walk in grace and celebrate life. 

FOCUS on wasting time simply sitting with Jesus. 

Snapshots of our week:

Finishing up school work!
Love listening to her read!
Our favorite new read aloud!
Ice cream and silly faces!
Some of our new books for 2016-2017 arrived for upcoming school year!
Teachers check out Consider This, a book I wish I had read earlier!
Happy mail, Easter presents from grandparents and old book for me!
New dress up clothes!
Little man helping with the mowing ;)
Our pretty Easter eggs!
Decorating eggs with my girl! Glitter everywhere!!
At co-op this week, we enjoyed a presentation by one of our local sheriffs and drug dogs!
Reminder of God's promises! Beautiful sunset!

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