Friday, March 4, 2016

March is here!! Friday encouragement and a little peak into what is going around in these parts!

Some things I have learned over the years, things I am still working on...we are not perfect, but Jesus our savior is, which gives me peace and freedom to live! God loves his people and just desires us to turn to HIM, trust HIM and have a relationship with HIM, I know when I don't, I will not make good choices, my attitude will stink! God continues to bless us even when we don't see it, we just sometimes are not looking clearly, but instead through distracted eyes. About distractions there are many, satan loves to use, I am guilty of letting it happen many times! Mom's there is joy in the mundane, everyday ordinary, we are raising the next generation and that is a big assignment! There is work to be done, God's work, don't give up, HE loves you and you will persevere! Life is short, we are giving one life here on earth to make a difference, to shine HIS light, look at what Jesus accomplished in His short life, it won't be easy, but it will be worth it! We believers have the greatest gift coming to us and that should excite us, we can live fully in HIS joy knowing that!!

Last week during my hubs time off (which I shared all about his new time off, it's so awesome), we took a little road trip to Memphis to go to Bass Pro, this is no ordinary Bass Pro store. It is the largest, it has restaurants, own hotel, bowling alley, live fish, and many other fun things to see and do. The best part was taking the elevator up to the top of the pyramid to see the city and yes we spied a CN train!!! I am thankful we homeschool, so we can enjoy days like this! We also enjoyed a beautiful day outside in our own yard and neighborhood this week, walking around seeing what things God has made. We are now 2/3rd of the way done with our curriculum this year. The kids started swim lessons this week! Abigail was asked to play on a PGA sponsored kids golf team this year, she is super excited and so is daddy, not sure who is more though! So there will be lots of time spent out on the golf course this spring and summer, I guess I need to learn to love the game after all! I am just so proud of her, she loves it and works hard, so well deserved!
Let's be rooted in the ONE and ONLY that will never fail us, JESUS!
Encouraging reads of the week: 
God put you right where you are for a reason and there is a purpose for your life. You can ignore it and walk away or you can let it teach you who you are. Following God and your calling will never be the easy path. But it will always be worth it. 

The One whose name is above all names has named us. He calls us…

Repentance, faith, and a teachable spirit are the anecdote to any fear that may enter here. In order to come to love what we ought to love, it starts with seeking, repenting, and remembering.
I rather be an ordinary mom any day, similar to this…Ordinary Mom is so radical, so different, so unbelievably awesome that I want to be her some day.
The hardness of the journey doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong path.

Pics of the week:

Looking down below, on top of the pyramid at Bass Pro in Memphis!
When on a field trip and see a CN train, you stop  to watch!
Caught in the act, big sis reading to little man!
This girl loves to fish!
Beautiful sunset, thank you God!
Nature walk in the neighborhood, cows are cool!
Nature walk in the yard, looking for God's gifts!
March 1st, we put up our Easter tree!!

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