Friday, April 29, 2016

Homeschooling week 33, encouragement and snapshots

This mama is sitting in clutter, my desk is surrounded by piles and boxes of books right now. Which is a good thing! Though it drives my need to be organized a bit crazy! Most of the books are for our 2016-2017 school year, they need to be sorted and organized, but this is going to have to wait until we finish this school year. However, a big part of me would just like to dig in and start planning! We are just three weeks from our completion date!! Which is very exciting for us!! I love seeing all that we have accomplished and excited to celebrate!!

This week was a fun learning week! Well really most our weeks are, though there are times when the days are long and challenging, but always worth it! We took a family field trip to Discovery Park to see the body exhibit before it ended and had co-op! This week our special guest at co-op was Droid, the "bite" dog. He is a part of the sheriff department, his job is to hunt down those that run from the police, need I say more! 

I finished reading two books this week and have posted those reviews on my blog, they are books worth checking out The Attributes of God by A.W. Tozer and None Like HIM by Jen Wilkin. One of those books I have a give-away to share with one reader. I would recommend either of these and I am looking forward to rereading them again in the future, enjoyable and very thought provoking reads. Also read some great articles this week and some encouraging posts that you may be interested in checking out. Have a blessed weekend! 
Love this quote I came across: What I have found of God in Jesus Christ is so wonderful, I am eager for others to know it too—and to know him. —C.H. Spurgeon

Worth sharing:

Your task is to say, “Look what God has done! Look what God!”

Right this very minute there are some things you and I must cling and hold to as if our lives depended on it:

What if instead of listening to the inner critic who never tires of being against us, we listened to our 

Great points in this article on our children and learning…. 

Stripping back to the bare bones creates space.

Snapshots of our week:
My littler reader, she might be a mini me!
Hard working family, preparing our garden!
My hub is awesome, he made the girls a chicken tractor to go safely around the yard in.
Capturing a beautiful day! Thank you GOD!
The last of the curricula has arrived!
The current state of my office, curricula, books everywhere! Help!

Our guest speaker at co-op this week was Droid the police dog.
Droid in action, doing his job!
Finally we saw the train that runs through our town after living here a little over 6 months! Kids loved it!

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