Friday, April 22, 2016

Homeschooling, why I need JESUS, encouragement, snapshots, and new hobby~making prayer beads

Hebrews 6:19 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul...

Today we are finishing up week 32 of our school year. That means in four weeks, we will have completed two years of homeschooling! A couple things I have learned these last two years of homeschooling, is the importance of rest (in order to pour out, we have to pour into ourselves too) and how God wants to be included in ALL things we do (Jesus did say the greatest commandment is " Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind."). I have had to learn short quick prayers (Lord help me with this, Lord protect us on the drive today, thank you Lord...), sometimes many silent prayers throughout my day (Why Lord, Keep my mouth shut please Lord, Remind me Lord...). When I stay in contact with HIM, my day is at more peace! So many times, we don't include God in our lives, we compartmentalize HIM and don't include HIM. Sometimes the Lord only gets included when we are going through a difficult situation and we don't include HIM in the good times. Sometimes we only think of HIM once a week when we attend church. That isn't what real faith is. Real faith is having a relationship with the LORD in ALL things, our everyday living, schooling, eating, work, with others, driving, shopping, ministry, etc...and just sitting at rest with HIM, which is something I am getting better at. This mama needs the Lord to strengthen her on those days she is tired and weary, to give her peace when the world seems to be living at odds, to calm her when disobedience is happening, when learning is hard, unexpected bills happen, illnesses, for forgiveness, and when enjoying the blessings and beauty that God places around me.  AND when I forget, I have HIS grace! Thank you JESUS!

This week I had to really learn to rest, because of having a mole removed off the bottom of my foot (which I shared more last week on my blog). I started back crafting with beads, something thing I did years ago that I enjoyed, but a season with little one's and moving around a lot, I stopped doing it. Now I am in a season where I have a little time to get back to some me time and need to relax, I just sometimes have a hard time when I see things that should be done. For me beading is relaxing, it quiets the mind, it uses the creativity part of my brain which I need help with because I am not a very crafty/creative person, and it is good for my soul. I am not sure what I will do with all the prayer beads I am making, maybe gifts, thought about making an Etsy store with them, and/or maybe I will just sell a few, may need to, beads are not all that cheap. For now I am enjoy doing it and Abigail wants to learn too, and I love that! I have a friend that asked if I show her, but of course. I am all for helping others! So now I have another hobby besides reading, and that is probably a good thing!

Encouraging reads of the week: 

We all have to take responsibility for replenishing our souls, and God has given beauty as a watering can to hydrate the dry and shriveled parts of our lives. Just as God incarnated Himself into the world in the person of Christ, He wants to incarnate His life into our lives every day. Beauty is one of His primary means of doing that.

The very things I cannot forget are the very things God will not remember
When Christ is great, our fears are not

I haven’t always been good at this, but I am learning how important it is…Rest is a gift from the hand of our Father. 

The culture we live in has made academics the “main thing,” but I beg to differ. Academics pale in comparison to teaching our children what it means to be men and women who are sold out for Jesus Christ, ready to give an answer for the Hope that lies within them. Education is simply the opportunity to shape the hearts and minds of our children. There can be no greater goal than to teach our children to follow hard after Christ.

Snapshots of our week:

My little golfers ready for practice!
Took this pic on one of our walks last week.
Another box of curricula, this is from Sonlight. Waiting on one more box to arrive!
Collecting frogs, oh my!!
Crafting with beads, prayer beads.

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