Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Review with give-away~None Like HIM

I just finished reading a beautiful book wrote by Jen Wilkin titled None Like Him ~ 10 Ways God Is Different From Us. The timing of this book was perfect since I recently finished reading The Attributes of God by A.W. Tozer, which Wilkin shares some quotes by Tozer in her book. The book has the similar theme, None Like Him, relates to many of the issues we as Christians are facing today with how rapidly the world is changing, social media, morals, worship and the Church. This book is wrote for women to read, as she starts out on how to become God-Fearing Woman. It seems much of the culture today doesn't seek out true wisdom anymore, and where does wisdom come from, God. He is the start of all wisdom. As she states, "when we fear God rightly, we recognize Him for who He truly is: a God of no limits, and therefore, utterly unlike anyone or anything we know. This is the start of becoming wise." This book digs deep in how we are to regard one another and have been given rights and responsibilities to do so. How this world treats people and things as idols of worship or consumable, instead of keeping our focus on God. We being created in God's image, possess a right to life and to protect it. We as humans have no right to take life, God is the origin and giver of life. I so agree. It hurts my heart to see innocent babies killed, human trafficking, violence and abuse. All because of the fall that took place in the Garden in Genesis. She writes, "rather than seeing our wold and our fellow man as entrusted to us for our care, we see them instead as objects of worship." Thankfully God is in the business of restoration, offering grace and mercy through Jesus!
Another section of this book talks about how divided our affections have become with us trying to be in more places then one with the use of technology. There truly is no substitute for one to one human interaction. Only God is omnipresent, and we many times forget that. "God sees. God is present. Nothing is hidden. And this is cause not just for vigilance but for assurance, the most blessed assurance the human heart can know." I love how she put that.
She shared some research from psychologist about our brains and information overload, it was really eye opening. I know for one I can sometimes take into too much and yes it does cause issues for me. She pointed out that it can also kill empathy. We must be good stewards and let God help us with boundaries. We must let God be the filter through which we learn to choose wisely and what is good for our souls. Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy.~Philippians 4:8 
This book reminded me to keep looking up, being in aw of God and look for the wonder through Him.
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