Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring days, birthday celebrating and school time

This mama has been tired. It is hard getting back into the swing of routine when you take a week off from regular school routine. Didn't help that first part of the week we celebrated a very special little boys birthday, so it is definitely worth it!! He had a great birthday, got his chocolate cake and bike he wanted! The hubs was home, so we got to have family time too!! This week we finished, just barely week 30 of school, whoohoo!!! The kids had golf, swim and piano lessons this week too! We keep busy around these parts, but are sure to include lots of play time outside, so needed on these beautiful spring days! Plus so much can be learned in just play time!

I made a big accomplish this week and it feels so good, all curriculum has been ordered for our next school year. You don't know what a big relief that is! I ordered from three different places online and also picked up some free/discounted books here and there. I spent a few weeks reading, researching, and praying for what we need to do in our homeschool. This year we will continue to school through the summer, but on a very much lighter load, just some math, writing, and will do nature study. Nature study though I don't consider a curriculum but part of life, as it should be. My hubs and kids love getting out in woods, while I prefer a trail, but I do love being outdoors when I get the opportunity, need to do it more often. When I spend time in nature, walking or looking at sky, plants, birds, animals, just reminds me of how awesome God is and how much HE  blesses us. It reminds me what is important and to be still. The being still part is not always easy for me, but thankful I don't have to do it alone. None of us, we just need to give it to God and let Him do the transforming in our lives. Obedience to Him is freeing, but the giving up at first not always, but once we do there is so much peace!

Cover, I chose!
Oh and a while ago I said I struggled with keeping up with photo albums. I was almost two years behind, well I am caught up. I mentioned I was going to try a different approach, Chatbooks (use this code to get your first one free T2LVETJJ ). Well I received my first one and I love it! So easy, it takes all the photos I upload on Instagram in order with the captions. I have the option before ordering to delete, rearrange, and/or add any photos. It took me literally less then 5 minutes to order. Talk about time saver!!! Here is what it looks like:
Encouraging read this week I came across: 
It’s OK if your kids can’t answer all the questions on Jeopardy. Granted, that would be impressive, but we shouldn’t be about the business of impressing. You’re doing more than you think. The endless worksheets aren’t going to make a big difference in your child’s ultimate success. Even the test scores can be a decoy from true learning. Keep it simple and homeschool on. 

Even if you aren’t sure you’re making a difference, I want to tell you right now: What you do matters tremendously. Be encouraged! You are planting deep and meaningful things into the hearts of your children for a reward that is eternal. It is a work approved for God’s kingdom.
“Should” is My Four-Letter Word
For all homeschooling families, assessments that bless, who do you want to hear well done from?
We find balance by giving attention to the right things at the right times.
“They do if we see them from an eternal perspective. What makes no sense in this life will make perfect sense in the next. I have proof: you in the womb.”

Pics of the week:
Yum, chocolate swirl cake!
Blowing out candle, FIVE!
Golf practice!
After storm pic by my hubby with none other than Zeke! Reminder of God's promises!
Love listening to her practice piano, Oh How I Love JESUS!
Working hard on handwriting!
Snack time and read aloud time!!

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