Friday, April 1, 2016

Week in review in pics....

This week we took a spring break, though I haven't felt like I have taken a break, as the kids still had golf, swim lessons, homeschool coop, and piano. However, we were able to enjoy a slower pace, time with my parents and brother over the long weekend while they were here visiting, celebrating Easter and my birthday!! Then last night I stayed up till 12:30am (guess that is early morning depending how you look at it) because one sweet kiddo puked in my bed (sorry for the grossness but real life), so I was up doing laundry, but thankful all seem well today! Yes it has been a busy week, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I still have yet to finish planning out our last six weeks of school, hopefully today that will happen. In addition I scored on some more books, all used either online or at our local library. Love a good deal and books, books, and more books! I am getting low on shelf space again! With that here is our week in review with pictures and some weekly encouragement: 
Good thing I like philosophy and study it …Socrates said that “true knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.” But to close the gap in education outcomes, some teachers seem to believe that philosophy has an important role to play.

No matter how strong your math and science skills are, you still need to know how to learn, think and even write.

Faith in the blood shed by Christ on the cross, for our sins, is the ONLY thing that saves us.

You are beautiful. Your gifts are valuable. You voice is needed. You are not defined by your greatest weakness but you are seen for your strength. Your beauty. Your uniqueness. Your light. You are more than enough. Now go. Live. Be. In this moment.

The biggest homeschool secret? It’s you! Wife, Mom, Teacher, Mentor, Kid-Wrangler, Laundress, Chef, Chauffer.

Excited to hunt Easter eggs!
This container is full of goodies from the Wisconsin Cheeseman!
It is finished, Jesus has risen!
My fav coffee mug from my hubs for my birthday!! Love him!!
Aidan opening some pre-birthday gifts! He is going to be 5 on Monday, yikes, my little man growing up!
Aidan playing with one of his new gifts, remote speed boat, fun!!
Family pic!
My bro, aka Uncle Jason, Abigail loves him!
My bro helping Abigail put together a Lego ship!
Grandpa playing checkers!
More Lego fun!
Yum, chocolate croissant!
Biggest cinnamon roll!
Caught herself a fish, she loves to fish!
Golf lessons!

Drawing horses!
Beautiful tress by our driveway! Counting my blessings!
Used book finds!
Beautiful sunset, reminder of God's promises, never ending, His light shines!

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