Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekly encouragement, PSA, and snapshots!

Yes, thank you God for beauty you have placed everywhere!
Today we are finishing up week 31 of school at Raising Arrows!!!! That means five more weeks of school and will be done for this school year!! Then will take a month or so break. This mama is tired again this week, too much time in the car, places to be, and little sleep has me worn out. I am a person who needs down-time and some sleep too helps. Yesterday we had co-op and I was so glad, we have a fun group! I was able to have a little mama adult time! We had a special program and learned about worms, the kids have their own worm farm now added to our family! Abigail even named them!

I received two of my curricula orders this week so far and am awaiting on one more order to arrive, should be here today or tomorrow!! However, after looking at Rod & Staff English and Spelling. I decided it wasn't for us. I love their preschool and extra curricular items, but this was too much like a text book for me (and I should have known that) and the spelling wasn't advanced enough for where Abigail is at right now. Thankful these companies take returns! So back to the "drawing board", no not really, I have another curriculum that was on the top of my list that I recently looked into and I think it will be what we are looking for. Can't wait to receive it and see it. It seems to have that Charlotte Mason/Classical style I like.

Sharing two personal stories that happened to me this week, and trust me I am not much of a sharer, I rather share encouraging posts, but really it is more of a PSA! Tuesday I had my six month dermatology check up, and found I have two more suspicious moles that need to be removed, one happens to be on the bottom of my foot, I have a feeling that might hurt a bit! I have had 7 removed in the last two years with five of those coming back precancerous. So here is the important part people, wear sunscreen, don't use tanning beds, be wise with what you put on your skin, because I believe, had I been wise 20 years ago, I wouldn't be going through this, instead I was worried about having a nice tan as I thought it looked good. Now I don't care, I will be the palest person, because that is how God created me, He made us each beautiful and unique (Psalm 139:13-15)!
Second thing, the other night I had a nightmare, one that seemed real! I almost had an anxiety attack, but thankful after turning the light on (because light overcomes darkness John 1:5), some deep breaths and reading some scripture I was able to calm myself down. The old me, before I had a relationship with Jesus would have freaked out, worried, and ended up with an anxiety attack. I think the last one I had was about ten years ago. So I am so thankful for God's Word, His promises and Jesus for saving me! Now I am still a far way from always going in the right direction, but God is in the business of transformation and being patient with me, and will be for you too, just takes a little faith. Anyone that is feeling lost, depressed or loosing their joy, take some time and fill your soul. Look for HIM and get to know HIM. God loves you and Jesus came for ALL (John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.)

Encouraging reads of the week: 
His joy is my strength, not mine.  His.  I don't have to find the joy first.  He already has it, and I just have to place my trust in Him daily...sometimes numerous times a day, and His joy will be my strength.

Anything else is cheap grace. My Lord’s death was anything but cheap.

I need regular moments in my life like that morning walk, times of refreshment and restoration that refill the spiritual well in my heart, which is too often left dry by the spirit-draining hustle and bustle of contemporary life. If I don’t take care to keep it filled, I soon find I have no spiritual refreshment to give to those whom God has put into my life, especially my always-thirsty children. When I let my well run dry, I am no longer able to be a source of refreshing water to them, or to others in my life. To say it more simply, I cannot keep giving out without taking in.

Christ is a real, true, living friend. He is the Christian’s closest friend. But like any friendship, it is a friendship that must be maintained by mutual knowing. So how do we come to know Christ and learn to trust him more and more over time? In other words, how does Christ become a more and more real friend in our lives?

Snapshots of our week:

Read aloud time! Mr. Popper's Penguins!
Some lite reading for me!
Little fishing girl!
My hubby caught and made me lunch one day! Blessed wife!!
And it was yum, the kids helped too!
Chalk artists!
Curriculum box number 1 arrived! These are coloring books to use during reading time or down-time and a reading book for the oldest, from Rod and Staff
Box 2: Latin, Horizon math, A Reason for Handwriting, and Explode the Code from Rainbow Resources
Our family homeschool planner, third year using A Simple Plan, I am loving the colors this year!
Worm fun! She wasn't sure at first, but now they are a part of our family and have names!
Little man practicing karate at co-op.
Some fun at the local library!

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