Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer week 1, encouragement and snapshots of our week!

Well not officially summer, but it is the start of our summer break, can you feel the excitement!!  I intended to start my decluttering project this week, remove unneeded items and organize a bit. Instead took some time to relax, have fun with the kids, and quiet time reading books. I started reading Everyday Grace (a book that has been in my book pile for a year, oh why I waited I don't know, it is so good), Think Biblically~Recovering A Christian Worldview (really good this book will encourage you, help you dig deeper into Truth and defend your faith Biblically), They're Your Kids~An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Homes  School Advocate (OK the title should be something different, this gal has done her research, the info she shares is eye opening, reading about how government spends school dollars and changes they are always making, I would think after reading this most people would pull their children from school and homeschool), for Bible study time, I do a scripture writing plan from His Mercy Is New and reading through Every Day with Jesus Daily Bible. 

This week we started our summer session of Raising Arrows, we don't do regular curriculum during this time, but instead read good books (which we are always doing, these are the one's I chose for summer: Handbook of Nature Study, Life of Fred, The Children's Book of Virtues, Tales From Shakespeare, The Burgess Bird Book and I just picked up a used book 365 Days of Celebration and  Praise), nature study, art, and little writing together. I love this relaxed style of learning together, we only spend 30-60 minutes, but it quality fun learning time! Which is what learning should always be!

Pondering and praying about the use of social media, etc... Lately I have been posting most of our pics on Instagram (so look for me there) as I find it to be an beautiful place to enjoy encouragement  (I am a visual person). I also post on Facebook too, though not as many pictures, I have to be careful and give myself some boundaries there because it can be a time sucker and it can drain me at times. I came across this post recently...I am kind of feeling like this and love this...Why the internet is wearing me down, and what I’m doing about it. There have been many times, I love to pull the plug on it all together. So I have been praying about how to best use social media, because I think it can be a great place to stay in touch with long distant friends/family, share encouragement, find out happenings, prayer needs, and sometimes good deals~really I have! Plus I need my online homeschool community and Jesus sista's, they help keep me sane! So with decluttering the home, I am working on decluttering my Facebook feed and social media. God places a certain circle of people in our lives and for me it has changed a lot due to many moves we have made, homeschooling, etc.. So I am examining the season I am in right now (and this season may be more like a decade long) I need make sure to follow God's lead and those He has placed in my life for whatever purpose. So as I started to look, I see I have 500+ friends on Facebook, really! I find that crazy, doesn't seem right, so I am not sure what to do about that? Your thoughts are welcome! For now praying and pondering on this decision to be made.

The hubs has upcoming vacation time off during our summer break, so we will spend time visiting family and exploring our new to us state! Abigail is busy with golf lessons and games, so the hubs and her will enjoy some time golfing, it really is great they have their thing they enjoy doing together. I am the cheerleader! Speaking of hubs, he is pretty awesome, he cooked a great meal this week for us and crepes one morning for breakfast, yum! Our garden is really doing great too, trust me that is all him, I have been known to kill a cactus! However, I am the main animal care-taker, all the chickens think I am their mama, you should see them come to me! Who knew I love the country life, but I do!!!

Encouraging reads of the week: 

Amen!  Is your church ordinary? Small? Well, my Christian friend, if it is preaching the gospel and endeavoring to help others to know and follow Jesus then it is not insignificant. It is powerfully important and surpassingly glorious. And, you should praise God for it–even as you get to work in it! 

I am kind of feeling like this and love this… Why the internet is wearing me down, and what I’m doing about it.  

“We must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away” (Hebrews 2:1). 
Giving our all to our family is what we do. But, giving with no time to refresh or renew our own spirit is a recipe for disaster. 

The happiest people—the folks with the deepest sense of self-love and purpose—always notice everyday moments. It doesn’t matter how complicated their lives get. OH and how I like this list of 22 things… 

What if the most important moments in their lives — the times that build their character and fill their hearts with love and shape their personalities and fill up their memory storehouses — are the simple, ordinary hours? 

Snapshots from our week:

Oh how these two blessings from God teach me!
Summer Raising Arrows session!
Looking for lovely, oh how God blesses us!
This dog, has the life, oh ZEKE!
Little man thinks this is fun, what a reminder for me. He did a great job, training em up right!
Abigail received happy mail!
The wonderful "homestead" meal my hubs made, fish caught by the kids, asparagus from the garden!
Enjoying a beautiful day!
Found a deal and a great addition to growing library!

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