Friday, May 6, 2016

Week 34 of the school year, encouragement, and snapshots!!

This week, I received good news, thank you God! My mole biopsy's came back benign, this is a first time, after having several removed! Also this week, I took the time to enjoy some rest and going out in our little boat (very little, don't rock the boat type little). Only because my husband talked me into going, and I am very glad he did, it was a lovely time. Watching my children catch fish, being surrounded by nature and resting in it with family! I am learning this year to look for beauty, to enjoy beauty and rest, which is not easy for this type A personality.

We finished up week 34 of school yesterday, which means we only have two weeks and we will complete this school year! Today we are looking forward to attending a field trip with our co-op to the airport and later Abigail starts practice with the Junior PGA team she is playing on this summer. So that means we did movie night last night, we can't miss movie night, it is important, the kids look forward to it every week! Just a reminder it is the little things!
Good wisdom!

Counting many blessings this week, much to be thankful for, always is, just have to remember to look for them and keep looking up to the ONE who created ALL. Hope y'all had a blessed week and found many blessings, just look for them, I promise they are there.

Encouraging reads:

I love hymns! Learning Hymns: Teach Children Effortless Theology 
I want to see as much of the truth as my cloudy eyes can muster so that I can make the best decisions I can. I want to let Wisdom teach me. I want to be open to the discernment and honesty of others. I want to be kind and gentle and ever aware of my own limitations, but I also want to make considered decisions based on sensible conclusions.

When we keep our eyes on the trial, we miss the glory. He will make beautiful things, even out of us.  (be sure to watch the video)

What is the “loving thing to do” depends heavily on the absence or presence of danger.

I have learned this last year how I need beauty…love what Sally wrote…Beauty keeps my spirit refreshed. Without it, my spirit becomes dull and lifeless; with it, I am invigorated and encouraged. God has certainly made beauty a priority in his universe, so I can imitate him by making room for beauty in my home.
Thy Will  

SNAPSHOTS of our week: 

Sunday Worship ready, love hand me down clothes!
Sweet homemade treats from my children with the help of our awesome Sunday night GA church leaders!
Sweet homemade card from Aidan, thanks to his sweet Wednesday children's church leaders!! So thankful and love our church!
Doing her morning chores!
Catching fish with daddy! Yes Zeke may want some!
My little golfers ready for their last golf clinic class!
Love where my hubs put our new to me bench, great place to rest, wonder and enjoy God's beauty!
Peaceful place!
Ready for a little boat ride!
Zeke watching from land, he doesn't like boats or going in the water! Yes he has some anxiety issues!
Love this man!!!
My little fishers!
Reeling it in!
Capturing early morning beauty! Thank you Lord for your great reminders

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