Friday, May 20, 2016

Week 36 Homeschool and why Raising Arrows, Encouragement, and Snapshots!!

This was a big week, we completed another year of homeschooling~Raising Arrows!! Proud of all we learned and completed together! Really it is true, we, not them, because I am learning some things I had forgotten or wasn't taught in school. Some days are hard, some days are amazing, everyday is a BLESSING!! Thankful to be able to teach and learn together!!

This was in our lesson guide for our last lesson, I thought it was perfectly said. "As we finish everything up for the year and review the rise and fall of all the leaders and countries we have studied, isn't it encouraging to know that we serve the ONE who is the Beginning and the End? What a triumphant way to finish - to know in the end, HE wins." 

Yesterday we completed our required days and what I had planned for our school year. They chose Cracker Barrel for breakfast to celebrate our last day!! Today we will clean up our desk areas, pack away some of the books, put together our portfolio's. In a couple weeks I will start putting together our books for next year's homeschooling (they are sitting in boxes waiting for me) and a plan. For the summer, I have put together a morning basket with some read alouds and fun books for us, Life of Fred (math books), art/nature projects, and some Charlotte Mason type of language arts. We plan to spend about an hour most days and then the rest of time will be exploring, playing, relaxing, and oh yes there are chores to take care of. Abigail is on a PGA Junior team this summer, so there will be lots of time on the golf course. Both of them will begin karate classes together in a couple weeks. Abigail will continue piano lessons and Aidan has mentioned guitar, so that will be in the future. We have one planned trip to visit family. Before you know it, summer will come to an end. Looking forward to relaxing with the family and enjoying the beautiful sunshine (in the shade of course).

I asked the kids what they most enjoyed during school time, what they thought was challenging, and what they hope to learn next year.
Abigail, loves science and learning Latin, she thought math was challenging. Aidan loves using scissors and glue, and reading was challenging. Next year Abigail wants to learn more about animals and Aidan the same. I think we can do that, I know the teacher! Ha!

The question I get asked most is, why do we homeschool. Uhmmm that is a loaded answer, so many reasons. One is because family time, my husband would not see them much because of his job. Two because we believe it is the best thing for our kids and the reasons for that is long (Christian based, influences, focus on virtues, learning environment, government control of schools/decline in education, customize to child's learning need, use our hours/days wisely, no rushing, teach long term learning and love of learning, focus on their gifts, enjoy learning about music/nature/art study for a well rounded education, show truth/beauty/goodness, world view, books are awesome and I am talking real books not text books, get individual help when needed, enjoy being a kid, play-time, oh there is more, you can research the statics and benefits and will find the many positive reasons). Three, God lead us to it. It was something I never considered until Abigail was about 2 and we had our first bad experience at a preschool in Texas, thankfully we had a different experience and loved the one they attended in Kentucky. But as time went on I really felt that homeschooling was the best thing for our family and children. God placed several homeschooling families in my path through babysitters and friends. They shared great wisdom, help, and prayer. The husband was a little slower coming to the decision, only because it was a new to him and he didn't know much about it. However, that all changed after kindergarten orientation, when they took our daughter into a separate room away from us to ask her questions and test her knowledge. It just felt strange walking into a strange building, with people we didn't know and that was the first thing they did. So there you have it, why we homeschool and feel it is the best decision for our family. Now that we have been homeschooling for two years, I can share with you the many benefits I have seen from personal experience of being the teacher and mom of my children. That will however be another day, as this is already getting long, but quickly I will say I am thankful we made the decision we did, what a blessing it has been. Sure there are hard moments and days I like to put them on the bus, but in reality you couldn't pay me to put my children in school. I have been called to raise and some day send them out into the world. This is why our homeschool is named, Raising Arrows!

Encouraging reads:
From my devotional book this week, yes GRACE!! Thank you Jesus!
Life is triage and so is homeschooling. Our hours are finite and we each must choose how to spend them. The beauty (and the madness of this) is that there is no single right answer to the question, just our hearts to guide us.

Motherhood involves a lot of grit and perseverance, but not necessarily in the ways that are often portrayed on the internet.  Being a good mom requires a certain amount of toughness.  These days, that toughness means that we have to be willing to forge ahead based on what GOD is revealing to us and stand against the strong cultural tides that are undermining God’s good plan for  our families.  It means that we have to tune out the other voices and tune into what God is whispering in our hearts concerning our children.  We have to be warriors…women who aren’t afraid to be the mom God has called us to be.  We have to be one tough mother.

Teaching your children to read soundly ought to be the primary goal of education

Oh this is really good, awakening wonder…

Great ideas and decluttering inspirations (summer project)

Doing her thing, practicing golf with her PGA Junior Golf Team
Precious sleeping little boy!
Ready for Sunday worship!
God's creatures are amazing, hummingbird visiting!
Our last week of school, memory verse for the week~Proverbs 1:7
Little man working hard!
Never tire of listening to her read!
Ready for last swim lesson for the season!
Abigail's accomplishments, lots of books!
Aidan and all his accomplishments!
Another year of homeschooling completed, whoohoo!!

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