Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Writing about what is truth~God’s truth, His love, His promises never ever change!!

The last few weeks I have been dealing with some ups and downs in life and I feel I have been dealing with it well because of Christ, though I did have a few not so pretty moments (Honestly we all go through ups and down, right?), and I know several of others going through some challenges themselves. What is true, is we all go through stuff from time to time, there is suffering in this world because of the fall and satan (he is a trickster). However, what I have seen and heard are some awesome answers to prayers, God is and always will be in control, He hears us and is within each of us believers. At church, my pastor preached a message recently and I have been pondering on it and digging in more, it was so encouraging to me. I also recently finished reading a couple books by A.W. Tozer which have helped give me a better understanding of God’s attributes. I wanted to share what God has been placing on my heart for me to hear. For me writing it out helps me to process it and this may be something you too find encouraging.       

Reading through 2 Timothy 3:16 and Hebrews 4:12, I was encouraged by just how God’s Word is true (Not that I didn’t know this, but I have heard people use it to their own advantage or twist the words or add to it, which can cause confusion.). The thing is the Bible warns us of this. What is truth, is HIS Word has been confirmed and is complete (nothing needs to be added to it). The Word applies to every situation in your life and this world. I find that so helpful, because I love seeing God through nature, sometimes reading a book or listening to music I will hear from God, or talking to a friend. God is everywhere, in all things as it states in the Bible, but are we seeking Him out, are we open to hearing from Him (honestly I know I don’t all the time, so I need to remember this). As the world tries to eliminate from including God (such as in the school, through government control..), we believers can find this good news. God’s Word is powerful to bring change to your life (and it has for me and still is). The Bible is living Word, it will speak right to your heart and convict you where needed. So why I need JESUS and thankful that God would love me, a sinner, imperfect, and broken, but because of JESUS I have been made right with God and if I am right with God I can have peace in my heart, breathe freely letting go of anxious thoughts, not fear, and rejoice through all things. I find this so powerful and I needed to hear that, and probably put that on repeat for myself!). (Romans 8:9-11 and Romans 8:28) 

God’s truth, His love, His promises never ever change!! It is stated throughout the Bible, God’s Word. Where else can you find solid ultimate truth you can rely on? Because I know this truth, more important than how I feel, because feelings can deceive us. So we who are in Christ Jesus can rejoice in those promises God has given us! (Psalm 37:5-7) Never give up dear one, keep fighting the good fight! God has made us Kingdom builders, we will face opposition, but God has it all under control, even when I feel it is out of control. All the Lord wants from us is love, to be obedient and trust even when it’s hard. Sometimes we don’t understand and will not till we reach eternal life with our Lord, but then I think we probably won’t care at that time, because we will be in such awe and it will all become clear to us in the new heavenly home, Jesus is preparing for us! Have you read the end of the Book, what that life will be like, oh how amazing and wonderful, and yet there is so much more for us to wonder about and wait on. It won’t be long, just make sure you are ready and put your faith in the only way~JESUS!  Oh Lord thank you for your love and forgiving me! Thank you also for other believers that come along, encourage, pray together, teach, and speak truth!

Added note:  I am no theology person, just a girl that loves to read, study and get to know God more. I just hate to see those that turn away from Jesus and be lost, it is a choice we have been given. So choose wisely!

This morning I was reading She Reads Truth and they have a great study going on right now, may want to check it out.... "When the Bible talks about “fearing God,” it means we should revere God as holy. Fearing God by revering Him as holy is not a posture of hiding; it is a posture of drawing near." http://shereadstruth.com/2016/05/03/the-fear-of-god/

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