Friday, June 3, 2016

Quick trip to Minnesota!!!

We drove up to our home-state of Minnesota last Sunday to go visit family!! The kids were so excited!! We had a wonderful time visiting and seeing all our family, we did miss some and wished we had longer to visit and see friends too!
We made it home last night and oh what a wonderful surprise was awaiting us!!
Our home greeted us with some beautiful flowers!
Wow, one of our gardens sure has grown while we were gone!
Our girls aka chickens, Peter cat and Zeke missed us. Our wonderful neighbor Bob took care of our place and all our animals!! So grateful to him!!

Here are just a few snapshots of our week:
My dad aka grandpa! Not sure who is winning at this game! With a little soccer in the background.
Fun with bubbles with my mom aka grandma!

My grandpa aka great grandpa and the kiddos!
Little man, he sure loves his John Deere. Eating at one of our favorite places~Out To Lunch!
Abigail adores my bro aka Uncle Jason.
The hubs and I and little photo bomber, yes we might be crazy!
Aidan excited to ride in grandpa's semi!
Ready to go trucking!
Abigail is getting all buckled in and ready to go!
Fun at Sibley Park!

Grandma aka my mom in law, took the kiddos to the Children's Museum!
Having fun building with grandma!
Adore her laughter, having fun with daddy loading blocks!
Family photo with my awesome in-laws!
Family photo of us and my in-laws!
Ryan's granny aka great grandma, enjoying some time with the little's!
Coffee time aka chocolate milk!
Coffee mugs are awesome!
Family photo with my wonderful parents and crazy kiddos! Enjoying our last night!

Oh and super excited, more books!!!
Classical books my mom gave me, can't wait to read these with the kids and they are so pretty too!
Also got a large box of books from my mom in-law!! So many great read alouds, science, nature and scrapbooks.
Encouraging reads:
And so in remembering that the God of the Bible did not spare even His own Son from suffering and pain, be encouraged to know that all of this pain, your pain, is not in vain. And while our own wonderful plan for our lives might not come to fruition, we can rest assured that no matter the heartache and trials, His wonderful plan for our life is always coming true.
We can disagree, and still love. We can object, and not objectify. It’s that simple, and that difficult. We all come dirty to this table, and Christ welcomes us–just as we are.
Jesus knew we would feel this way, and he reminds us that we cannot add an hour by worrying.  He invites us, all of us scurrying Marthas, to sit at his feet, to relish the time. Linger with your families, praise Him for the love you have among your people.

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