Thursday, June 9, 2016

Rocking Ordinary Review

These last few years I have been a part of many book launches and book reviews! I recently finished reading through and am enjoying being a part of the Rocking Ordinary book launch, be sure to check out her web-site at This book wrote by an ordinary mom and wife, that is what Lea Ann Garfias, the author calls herself and I love it! As that is what I am too, just an ordinary mom, doing my best. This book is for all of us women who feel that, even though we may feel ordinary, we are really rocking ordinary! Maybe you feel like you are not making a difference in this world, but you are! God uses the ordinary people, the imperfect people (if you don't believe me, read the Bible). The author shares Scripture, her story, and godly wisdom to encourage you, while reminding you that through it all you are in fact rocking the ordinary!! There is a series of questions at the end of each chapter, these are great for further reflection or to discuss in a group study. This book is also for the women who has or is going through a difficult time. The author shares how she overcame a hardship in her life. With such honesty, grace and compassion, though it wasn't easy and there were hard moments, but thanks to her husband for providing boundaries during that time for her, she was able to do it and share Jesus. Boundaries are a good thing people, something I have learned. That was a very deep chapter in the book and what she said about reconciliation is only possible through the truth, so resonated with me.

In this book you will find out how to rock the ordinary, how to shine forth the image of God, reflect His presence and His purpose in our lives. How to make extraordinary changes in our homes, our churches and our communities. "You can, indeed, rock our ordinary lives when we reach out and change our world, one ordinary day at a time."

These words she wrote "God uses our ordinary lives in extraordinary ways if we have the courage and the faith to simply obey wherever we are." Did you catch that ladies? We who are just moms, wives, homeschooling and/or working ladies ~ He will use us, we just need to have faith, be brave and simply obey. Keep preserving, keep on~keepin' on! So easy and yet I do sometimes struggle with that because I tend to make things complicated or shut down when feeling overwhelmed, so thankful for HIS grace in that. Lea Ann writes a lot about this. She also shares that sometimes you need to first take care of our physical and emotional selves, by spending time in prayer and reflection before we can clearly see how God is leading us.

There is a great chapter in here about critics, maybe you have been lucky enough to never been criticized or hurt by words. Well me, not, however she shares how you can use that criticism in a good way and not look at it as hatred. We have to remember that we believers will face opposition, just because we are believers in Christ.

What she wrote about friendship so resonated with me! Many know I am a big supporter of mom groups/Bible study for this very reason. I am thankful for the friends in my life that are like this. Our ordinary reaching out makes extraordinary impact: "Extraordinary friends make the ordinary choice to reach out continually and consistently. They are friends when there isn't yet a deep relationship. They give when nothing is coming back to them. They expose themselves to intimacy and understanding, bravely risking their hearts for the good of others around them. They sacrifice." You know what ladies, I do believe this is such a great example of what Jesus did for us and would want us to do.

The most important part: To believe that our God never changes is to know that God will never change His relationship with us. Lea Ann writes about distractions and how we are leaving our spiritual lives starving and I sure can agree with her, I have been there and it was a fight to get back, but once I sunk myself into truth of who I am, because of who God is and what Jesus did for me. I learned how important it is to sit still, take time to read and study His Word, that was when I started feeling whole. I learned how good boundaries and rest really are needed! We need to refuel ourselves in God's truth! AND then hold on, because HE will show you oh how good it is, how good HE is!
Only God Himself can fill me up: "Only Scripture contains God's breathing, His very life force. Only God's Word gives me lasting value, knowledge, truth, protection, instructions, and purity. Only God's Word will fill me up and complete me, so that I can boldly face everything God wants me to do and to become (to paraphrase 1 Timothy 3:16-17). God intends my devotions to be just that~my hear turned devotedly back to my Creator." Our most important task is a relationship that matters and that is what God desires from us. It doesn't matter the minutes, but only that you have the right attitude and invite Him into your daily life, let Him be a part of it all.
We live in a world that is starving, people have addictions, are distracted from what matters, satan is prowling around doing his best to keep us from God. But the Holy Spirit within us draws, the Son calls us and God the Father welcomes us! We are loved, we are clothed, we are significant, each of us is extraordinary. And it's all because our God! He has always had His eye on us, look back at Genesis and how God sacrificed for Eve, even after she sinned. He wants to rescue us from ourselves.

She tackles a hard topic that I have dealt with and I know others too, is painful people. "It is imperative that we protect ourselves from bullying. As long as bullying continues, the work of God is being opposed. God's plan for me and for you is entirely too important to allow the enemy to intimidate, threaten, or persecute it away from us. For our safety and for the work of Christ, we must not tolerate bullying." Amen sista! There will be people out there that will try and put you down, people who will just not like you and people who will make you feel worthless. But we are over-comers because of Christ, so if someone is making you feel like that, stop it, come up with a plan, it may mean eliminating that person from your life and that is OK. She shares how to protect yourself through God's Word, and that it may be possible to reconcile in the future, but sometimes restoration may not happen here on earth. Don't look at the pain, keep your focus on Jesus and shining His light. Use that pain to serve, let God mold you and use it to glorify Him.

Rocking Ordinary will be released July 1 at online sellers and Christian bookstores near you. You can preorder online at Amazon and Christian Book right now! I recommend you do, it is such a great book! I look forward to rereading it and doing the questions at end of each chapter.

Rocking Ordinary takes an honest, up-close-and-personal look at the struggles every woman faces:
  • Am I missing out on what’s important in life?
  • Will I ever overcome my sensitivity to criticism?
  • How can I possibly measure up to the Pinterest lifestyle?
  • What does my marriage reveal about my influence with others?
  • What is the most important quality to pass on to my children?
  • What if my family is flawed — can God still use me?
  • Will I ever truly heal from the pain of abuse, bullying, or rejection?
  • Can I protect myself and those around me from painful people?
  • How does a woman lead intentionally and biblically?
  • How can love change my community?
  • Can I ever maintain a balance between work, family, and ministry?
  • Will God choose to use me?
 It is hard to believe that the omnipotent God, Creator of all the universe, wants to use everyday, ordinary women — your typical suburban housewives and mothers and working-hard-just-to-scarf-down-supper gals who are too tired to stand up straight without two pots of coffee, three chocolate bars, and insole support. But that is, indeed, who He uses. 

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for review. The words and opinions are my own. Thank you Lea Ann for letting me be a part of this wonderful journey of your first book! What a blessing it will be to so many!! xo 


  1. Oh my word, you just made my day. I appreciate your sharing how Rocking Ordinary impacted you. But even more, I love this glimpse into how you are ALREADY influencing your friends with your tremendous example and words of encouragement. I'm so grateful to count you a friend.

  2. Thank you for sharing your review for this great book. I'm finishing it up now and I feel like it helped me put my roles in perspective. I'm feeling great about volunteering in my church community, too, something that was very intimidating for me.


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